5 Practical Tips to use in Your SEO Strategy

SEO has became more important in digital marketing due to its cost-benefit and results. It is better than buying traffic for your website growth.

5 Practical Tips to use in Your SEO Strategy
SEO Strategy Tips

SEO has become an increasingly essential strategy in recent years, it has never been so important to apply this action within digital marketing as it is today, due to its great cost-benefit, and the results that can often be achieved. even better than with paid traffic.

But, as simple as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) appears to be, in fact, this is a very complex strategy to execute, from the outside, it seems like something easy, but combining a good execution with competent results is something extremely complicated. .

As with a frequency inverter, you have to find the right spot and, of course, select the best strategies to reach the top, after all, SEO has as its main focus, optimizing a website on search platforms, bringing it to the first page organically, and to complete this objective, expertise, competence and assertive choices are required.

In today's text, we separate 5 practical tips to use in your SEO strategy that will surely help you leverage your website and make your page appear at the top of Google, let's check it out?

So let's go!

Optimize Your Website for Your SEO Strategy

To have and maintain a website at the top of search platforms, the first thing you should do is ensure that your website is fully optimized, check frequently, your page performance, publication loading speed, responsiveness and mobile adaptation, design and distribution of elements.

Check for any “404” pages, see your redirects, optimize and redo old content, and check all those more technical issues, this periodic review helps keep your site up and running, fully optimized and performing at a high quality. , which makes him reach and stay at the top.

Main items to be analyzed within your website for a good SEO strategy are: Sitemap structure, H1, H2, H3 tag structures, Page titles, Image titles with the keyword, short URL and with the keyword key, assertive Meta description, page content with an intelligent cadence of focus keywords.

Don't forget to include videos and images in your SEO strategy

Video marketing has gone from a great trend to become a huge reality, the consumption of this type of content is increasing more and more, and this can also help in the performance of your SEO strategy.

As much as the focus may even be the text and writing in general, bringing other types of media helps to optimize your site, making the algorithm see it more qualitatively and recommend it more often.

Small videos showing more about your product, reviews or even something more institutional, taking a tour of your entire company, showing you behind the scenes, from opening your roll-up door to sending an item, help and a lot of yours reputation.

Videos have proven to be very interesting within any part of your Digital Marketing strategy and for your SEO Strategy this is no different.

 Make sure your keyword is in the video title and description so that it can help your website score and organic placement.

Voice search is a reality

If we say that video marketing is already a reality, this rule also applies with the famous voice search, about 71% of people prefer to use this feature to consult Google than to type in their need, so no just think about the textual part, it is also necessary to weigh the way and how people speak.

Try to adapt your content and especially your SEO, reflecting and using keywords similar to the way people speak, see if your site is optimized for this style and start adapting your reality to meet this demand that has been increasingly requested.

The idea is to identify popular terms and allow Google to scan your content and find it to present in voice search results. Study the terms a lot before thinking about creating content as a whole.

Example: A company that rents cell phones for events, what would be the popular terms they would need to have within their content?

Cell phone rental, smartphone rental, iphone rental, phone rental and so on.

Merge high-quality with smart keywords

 Of course, producing a high number of content is something important for a website, however, it is its quality that makes it stand out and appear on the first page of Google, whenever you write a text, be careful and assemble something that is really interesting.

Follow the title and subtitle format, produce something extensive of at least 1,500 words, use backlinks, don't forget the videos and images we mentioned above, add a title tag and meta description, and of course make use of keywords smartly.

Separate the long and short tails, understand what your audience searches for and what their search behavior is, try to be judicious and see which ones can bring the best results for your business.

Focus on the words with the most search volume and the least competition for your SEO strategy.

Google My Business is also important

 If you don't use Google My Business, you're probably already at a disadvantage, for those who don't know, this is the tool that brings the information of a company when you search for it on Google, if you search for "polycarbonate awning" on the platform, for For example, the first options that appear the company name, telephone, address and opening hours are related to businesses that use GMN.

It is important for SEO because people can evaluate your business, and you always update and optimize data such as name, address and phone number, which generates relevance and makes your website in general, well-regarded by Google.

The use of this tool makes you gain priority, and consequently, if it is well evaluated, all your content can get ahead of the competition.

The SEO strategy must be the strategic pillar for all your actions within Digital Marketing. Position your brand as a reference in the main search engines and become a reference for your customers.

A good SEO strategy should be based on primary and secondary keywords (short and long tails). Understand the volume of searches for each term and the degree of difficulty (competition) of each one of them before starting your optimization and content production.

Take advantage of the content created for your SEO strategy and make the necessary adaptations for each channel that will be published (social media, blog, media, email marketing/automation).

Understand that the SEO strategy should be seen as something that will generate returns in the medium / long term. If your company needs immediate returns, consider investing in media.

Also keep in mind that the longer it takes you to implement the SEO strategy in your company, the more you will be dependent on media, which makes your cost of acquiring new customers more expensive.