5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories

It's habitual for many to follow trends and showcase themselves through Instagram. But not everyone is aware of the best ways to use Instagram stories.

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5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories
Use Instagram Stories

There are many different ways to use Insta Stories, and most of the most effective ones get their message across within the first three seconds. You have plenty of time to get your point across and the visuals should be consistent with your brand. This will encourage viewers to swipe up and continue watching. Matt & Nat have a great example of an ad that captures the viewer's attention right away and includes a strong call to action. Read on to learn about some of the most popular features of the app.

Multi-capture mode

There are many advantages to using Instagram's new Multi-Capture mode. This feature is great for capturing more than one photo at a time, but it can also get you in trouble if you're pressed for time. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to get around this issue. Listed below are some ways you can use this new feature. Read on to learn more.

Photobooth mode

If you're interested in creating fun and entertaining content, you've probably seen the Photobooth mode on Instagram. To use the feature, simply download the latest version of the app and tap the "Photobooth" icon in the top right corner. Then, tap the "Share" button to share your creations with followers. You'll be prompted to select a location from where you want to share the photos and videos.

Location page

The location page in Instagram can be helpful for businesses looking to advertise on the platform. The location page allows users to browse posts posted from nearby locations. This can be a great way to generate more views and improve ranking on the platform. Moreover, it allows users to tag places they're visiting with their posts. Location stories can help businesses generate more exposure and boost the viewership of their posts. There are various ways to use location stickers on Instagram.

Selfie stickers

Animated Selfie Stickers are coming to Instagram Stories. According to Vblahout and Matt Navarra, Instagram has spotted a new feature that will allow users to apply 'Selfie' stickers within their Stories frame. The new feature could make Instagram Stories even more fun, and it might even prove to be a hit with users. The Instagram sticker option will be available for limited users for the time being, but once it becomes available to everyone, it'll be a great addition.


The Instagram Stories polls feature lets you ask your followers to vote on your story. Once you've added a Poll sticker to your story, your followers can cast their votes. After they've voted, the percentages will show up in real-time. To keep the results of the polls updated, replay your stories so that you can see the most recent results. You can also add a poll to the Highlight section of your story, which will make your story stay active for longer.


You can use GIFs in Instagram Stories in two ways: by adding them to your gallery or by uploading them from your device. In addition, you can use GIF stickers to express yourself to your audience. You can also search for trending GIFs related to the content of your story. Once you've found a trending GIF, click it will appear in the centre of your story. You can then drag it to a different location if necessary.

Adding stickers

Adding stickers to your Instagram stories can be an excellent way to promote your business or event. The feature allows users to add pictures as stickers and then move them around their story as needed. Here are three ways to use stickers to promote your business. If you'd like to share your story with your followers, consider using location stickers. Airbnb is one example of a brand that uses location stickers to promote its host locations. Here are some tips for adding stickers to your Instagram stories.


The first step in editing an Instagram story is to start by clicking the gear icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can then choose the tool to erase the selected text. If you want to add tags or a caption after you've posted your story, you can use the @ symbol. This feature also works for editing text. The following instructions will explain how to edit Instagram stories. After you've completed these steps, you can start editing your stories.

Saving to your gallery

If you don't want to share your Instagram Stories with your friends, you can save them to your device's gallery. There are a few different ways to do this, but both involve using a third-party application. One way involves using the StorySaver website, which is a free tool that allows users to save Instagram stories directly to their gallery. Once you've saved a story, you can view it in your gallery anytime.

How to Use the Instagram Story Viewer

As an Instagram user, you can use the Instagram story viewer feature to see who has viewed your story. This feature does not order people chronologically. You can sort the list by engagements and likes. It is important to note that the algorithm used to decide who will be in the first place is based on public testing, and Instagram does not provide any detailed explanation of how it is done. Regardless of the algorithm, there are some useful tips you can use to increase your visibility in the Story viewer.

Instagram story insights are useful for analyzing the performance of your stories. These analytics are intended for business accounts and smaller users. However, they require third-party software. Alternatively, you can use a platform like EmbedStories, which has tutorials for analytics. Alternatively, you can create a digital product or online course using your Instagram stories. If you're an affiliate marketer, you can use this feature to promote products and services that are relevant to your audience.

If you'd prefer to watch your Stories without signing up for an account, the igstoryviewer.app can be an option for you. While it's free, it does contain lots of ads. This application gives you access to Instagram accounts without signing up for an account. It also allows you to download the content you want to watch, without being listed. It also allows you to watch shared Stories anonymously. This is great for people who are not interested in revealing their identity.