7 Tips for Remodeling Your Home When You Have Kids

Home remodeling is considered to be a difficult task to do when you have kids. But it can be more exciting if you are willing to perform it in the right ways.

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7 Tips for Remodeling Your Home When You Have Kids
Gas Safety Certificate

Home renovation is a big mess when you have kids at home. This fun task becomes a mind-boggling practice when you have to involve your kids in home renovation, but it is not all anguish!

You can happily survive through the home remodeling task when you have kids involved. Few considerations will likely yield the best outcomes, but you have to be focused and must know what your end goal is.

If you are not sure about your end goal, home remodeling will take an ugly turn and you won’t get over it. Home renovation will largely disrupt your routine and if you have kids, their school and sleep schedule will be at severe risk.

Most home renovation plans must cover the kitchen because this place can’t be kept out of play if you are a parent of impish kids. If your kids’ sanctuary is under renovation, it will be a mission impossible to stick to the routine.

But be at ease, as we have come up with some mind-blowing home renovation ideas that will help you smoothly survive home remodeling without disquieting your kids;

1. Save Your Kids From Remodeling Pitfalls

Safety must be the cornerstone of every home renovation plan. A small gaffe can be a signal of a big disaster. 

Kids love to explore new gadgets and can put their lives at risk while doing so. Home renovation mostly involves sharp tools, electric wires, gas pipes, and heavy objects. This means this is a worthwhile period for every parent. 

It is crucial to make your house as safe for your kids as possible. Make sure your home complies with every safety guideline issued by the state.

For instance, if you have not yet gone for a gas safety check, then do it now without wasting a split second. One Gas Safety Certificate can help you deter thousands of pitfalls. 

That is why the UK government has made this safety guideline mandatory for every homeowner. Hire a gas safe engineer and get your gas appliances checked. You can also get safety suggestions from an experienced professional engineer and use the information for making an all-encompassing home remodeling plan.

2. Allow Them To Take Some Décor Decisions

Sometimes, young kids pour out such mind-blowing ideas with their nascent minds that are enough for us to get goosebumps.

Let them decide the color of their room as they will spend a big chunk of their time in that room. A room should reflect the personality of your kid, so involve them if they want to.

Make the home renovation task fun for the kids. Let them dress up with a “work kit” which is boots and Carhart overalls in most cases.

If it is convenient for you, get them a mini-sized toolbox so that they feel like you are involving them in a remodeling task. But let them know that tools are not toys, so use them accordingly.

There are a plethora of other options to involve your kids in home remodeling steps. Do not keep your kids out of the game, face it like a PRO.

We know that involving kids will slow the work down but believe me; your kids will move on after some half an hour and will start playing on their own. You can then actually and seriously start working on your home renovation plan.

3. Keep Them Out Of The Big Stuff

As far as the home renovation is concerned about small projects, involving kids is a good idea. But if you have big plans such as pain sprays, demolition and reconstruction, and anything that involves VOCs, fine dust, and so on. 

In such a sort of home renovation, it is a good time for your kids to see their grandparents if they are close by. Otherwise, use your friend’s home to keep your kids away from a risky site.

4. Keep Your Place Tidy

Some parents are not comfortable with leaving their kids at someone’s place. In such a situation, you should strive hard to keep your home clean and tidy so that the debris and dust can’t make it to your kids’ respiratory tract. 

Ensure they have put on the face masks if in the remodeling area. Involve your kids in the work only if you keep them safe and secure, otherwise, keeping them out of sight is the only way out.

5. Keep Them Engaged

 It is a good idea for your kids to take long afternoon naps. If your child is halting your work, then the nap is a way out.

But some kids are not so fond of naps. So other options can be considered, such as taking them to parks, eating out, the library, or any game.

One of the parents has to take the responsibility of keeping the kids occupied. If one set of hands is not enough to carry out the work, a TV might play the trick. Put on their favorite cartoons and they will stay engaged for quite some time. 

6. Don’t Pack Up Their Favorite Items

Make a list of the items that your kid can desperately want during the renovation period. Keep the listed items handy, for instance, their favorite toy, book, PJs, etc. By doing this, you won’t have to tear the house in order to find the items your kid is crying to get right now.

It would be a headache for you, so make sure not to pack up and place such items in the basement. This will help you survive the home remodeling without getting into much trouble.

7. Select The Best Time For Renovation

Spring and summer seasons are recommended to be the best seasons to think about getting a home renovation. These seasons have already shaken up your kids’ routine, so home renovation won’t do much to them. 

Alfresco dining would be appealing, a visit to the pool would be considered a shower, and your kids would love to spend time outdoors, so you won’t have to work hard to keep them engaged. So there are a lot of perks of getting your home remodeled during summer and spring.


You can get rid of the headache of remodeling your home when you have kids by following the mentioned tips. Your home should be free from any dangers in the first place.

Engage the kids in home renovation only if you can ensure a safe environment. A kid-friendly renovation is a must-have, so research some ideas before you go. Good Luck!