Man Dress For An Evening Event

without a doubt, the most important thing is that you manage to feel comfortable and that you can enjoy yourself. Have a great time!

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Man Dress For An Evening Event
Man Dress For An Evening Event

Man: How To Dress For An Evening Event?

We see stars shine on red carpets or at major events with grace. All of them are stunning, with outfits signed by illustrious designers and perfectly groomed to dazzle more than the flashes of the photographers.

In the case of men, they are, without a doubt, a sample of good ideas to dress elegantly on those special occasions without losing an iota of personality. And we can shine too!

There are several foolproof trends that every stylish man should be aware of. What are the next colours, combinations, or patterns that will go from the catwalk to the street or on the red carpet? Pay attention! Currently, the fashion industry uses great sources of inspiration, oscillating between the styles of the 70s and the 2000s, while the 90s triumph on the street.

Inaugurations, presentations, gala dinners, or family events are special occasions  that deserve attention to the last detail. In this post, we at Sainly will try to answer the following question: how should a man dress at a night event?

Men's Dress Code

For such occasions, as per Sainly, the basic dress codes would be:

     Etiquette: for government events, to go to the opera or very elegant weddings. In this case, a tailcoat, shirt, white tie and leather shoes.

     Gala: one less step in a matter of "formality". This is ideal for those red carpets, but also for night weddings, for example. Here the protocol calls for a tuxedo, that is, a suit, shirt and tie or black bow tie and black shoes.

     Semi-formal or cocktail: This is the most frequent dress code. It is used for family events such as communions, baptisms, and weddings... The usual thing is a suit with a tie or bow tie and suspenders.

And if the Dress Code is Not Reported?

Well, the first thing is to start by making certain inquiries between organisers and attendees. It is better to inquire than to feel uncomfortable at an evening event where the organisers have gone to great lengths to ensure that the guests enjoy a memorable evening. If, even so, doubts arise, it is better to opt for a suit and tie than to opt for jeans and a plain shirt.

Dress up!

We are going to go into detail to look captivating when the occasion requires it.


In recent times, we have seen how some men put on tight suits that reveal the figure achieved after hours of Crossfit and gym. This style is the one chosen by the youngest who, if they are thin, also dare with narrow pants shorter than conventional pants.

However, everything indicates that the days of this fashion are numbered and that in the coming seasons, elegance and comfort will once again go hand in hand. Our advice is to select classic cuts that suit your complexion and allow you to feel at ease so you can enjoy the evening.

Whether it is one style or another, as it is an event at night, it is preferable to choose  dark tones. A black suit is an ideal wardrobe staple, but the navy blue colour can bring distinction within the conventional. Clear tones, without a doubt, are better for the day.


The safe bet is a white shirt: a basic that will give you security without taking risks. If you want to get out of the norm, opt for subtle prints or fine stripes, but always within absolute discretion.

In this sense, if it ever crossed your mind, immediately discard the short sleeve. There is no doubt here. The same goes for the size of the collar: if it sticks out above the jacket, it is not an option.

Tie or Bow Tie

This is a great dilemma, among other reasons, because this accessory tends to focus much of the attention of a  man's outfit on a night event.

The bow tie has burst into force, and there is a wide variety of styles and designs. The important thing though: does it look good on you. Are you comfortable? In men with long necks it is very flattering.

The tie is the most traditional option, especially in black. You can always choose prints -if they have not been chosen on the shirt-, original fabrics, or different widths that provide a more elegant touch.


To select an appropriate shoe you have to spend some time on it. With or without laces, it is a detail that can go completely unnoticed or ruin the entire outfit.


     Belt: If it is not black, it must be very dark.

     Scarf: It is an optional garment.

     Suspenders: They are an ideal garment to wear with a suit, especially if you decide to wear a vest

     Vest: It is a garment that can be very elegant as long as it is fitted enough without being tight. It must also cover the waist of the pants and always be buttoned. If you anticipate that you will be sitting for a long time, it may not be a good idea.

Other Tips to Dazzle

     Even if you've seen it among some famous eccentrics, avoid anything sporty.

     It is convenient to give it a touch of originality, without being strident, but only one! You'll want to draw people's attention to that particular feature.

     Even though it may only be the handkerchief or tie's colour, it is a small touch that frequently catches people's attention.

And the winner is… you!

Today, men have more creativity when it comes to dressing for an Men evening event. In fact, on the red carpet, we find increasingly daring outfits. There are many ways to dazzle during galas, inaugurations, presentations, or night weddings, which are exceptional occasions to let your personality shine like never before.