UK Tier 5 Temporary Worker Visa Guidance

Complete guidance following tier 5 temporary working visa, when and how you to apply, including its cost details, eligibility criteria and requirements.

Mar 14, 2022 - 17:05
Jan 26, 2023 - 05:17
UK Tier 5 Temporary Worker Visa Guidance
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UK Temporary Work Visa for overseas citizens

If you're a foreign citizen who wants work opportunities in the UK for a short period of time You must apply for the visa for a Tier 5 Visa UK. This type of visa is designed for those who wish to be within the UK for less than 12 months. You are eligible for the visa for taking on a job as a volunteer artist, diplomat, entertainer, or sporting person.

To be eligible for the Tier 5 Visa UK application, it is common to be offered a job by a company capable of hiring foreign employees. There are several types of UK Tier 5 Visa that differ based depending on the kind of work you'll be performing during your time in the UK. In the four subcategories, you must satisfy the 40-point threshold. This requires a sponsor as well as an official Certificate of Sponsorship and proof of sufficient maintenance funds. A possible exception is those who are enrolled in the Youth Mobility Scheme, which allows citizens of certain Commonwealth countries to get admissions clearance without the need for the requirement of a job offer. It is important to note that Youth Mobility Visa is not only a way to work.

How to find a UK Tier 5 Sponsor from the US Citizens

To be qualified to apply for the UK Temporary Work Visa, you must have proof of sponsorship from an authorized sponsor. This will prove that your job or education within the UK is connected to the work your sponsor's company does.

Your sponsor could be one of the below:

  • A higher education institution
  • An organization that operates an exchange scheme with approval
  • A government department or agency

Note: You can also request a callback to the law firm.

When Should to apply for a Tier 5 worker Visa from the US

You are able to fill out the Tier 5 application in America three months prior to the date on which you are planning to move to the UK or when you are scheduled to begin work. The date will appear on the certificate of sponsorship.

If you've filled out the application form fully, you'll receive an answer from Home Office within 3 weeks. The wait time could be shorter if you made your application from outside the UK.

Applying for a Tier 5 Visa extension

Eligible US citizens, who are currently living in the UK upon the basis of a successful application, are able to apply for an extension of the UK Visa of Tier 5 Visa for up to:

  • For 12 months, if working on a work experience project or an internship
  • For a period of 24 months, you must be involved in training or research
  • For 24 months if participating with the Overseas Government Language Programme

How to get help with your UK Work Visa application

No matter what your situation and if you're a US citizen our lawyers will assist you to determine which visa is best for you. We can advise you on the best temporary work Visa UK to suit your needs. We'll also be sure that you're qualified to apply for the system based on points (PBS).

Your lawyer will also fill out the application forms and draft an official letter of representation. The letter will support your application and will reach specifically to UKVI. For more details, send an inquiry via the internet or dial +442081243222 to speak with a skilled Immigration lawyer London.