Angie Gutierrez Rey Mysterio Wife

Angie Gutierrez Rey Mysterio Wife
Angie Gutierrez Rey Mysterio Wife
Angie Gutierrez Rey Mysterio Wife

The American actress Angie Gutierrez was born in the United States. She leads a very private life and does not easily give information about herself to the media. As such, we could not confirm the exact year, month, and date of his birth or his current age. Yet, sources say that he was born in the 1970s, making his age around 40–50 years old. 

Angie naturally assumed American citizenship after being born in the United States. She prefers privacy, so we cannot reveal her parents, siblings, and educational background.

Angie Gutierrez is an American actress and model. She is best known for being the wife of Rey Mysterio, a famous American professional wrestler. She is often in the news for her marital relationship with the heavyweight champion. Learn more about his personal life and career here.

Angie Gutierrez's Personal Life and Career

Although Angie is of average height, she appears to be taller in photographs. She is 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) tall. Besides, she has black eyes and black hair. Furthermore, her vital statistics are not public knowledge. Angie has 31.6k Instagram followers and runs the account @619reyna. She is not active on any other social networking sites.

Angie Gutierrez is a stay-at-home mom and Mysterio's partner in life as well as business. She is the supportive and loving mother of their two children, Dominik and Aalyah. Angie always puts her family first and lends a helping hand whenever they need it. she and Rey Mysterio are often considered one of the most adorable couples in WWE.

Angie Gutierrez-Husband

Rey Mysterio, born December 11, 1974, is a Mexican-American professional wrestler. He currently works for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the Raw brand. He was coached by his uncle, Rey Mysterio, Sr., and he began wrestling in Mexico at an early age. He mastered the Lucha Libre high-flying technique that has become his signature.

Mysterio's time in WCW in the late 1990s was defined by his high-flying cruiserweight style. While in WCW, Mysterio won five WCW World Cruiserweight Championships. Three WCW World Tag Team Championships, and one WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship while in WCW.

Rey Mysterio has been married to Angie Gutierrez for the past 25 years. They have two children together. Dominik, his son, made his debut in 2020 and has been making a significant impression since then. WWE released their official statement about Rey Mysterio’s wife, and her name is not linked to WWE. Yet, she has appeared on screen a few times. She was spotted on WWE TV during Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio’s feud with Seth Rollins.

Rey Mysterio's Personal Life

Rey Mysterio loves his wife very much because she gave him adorable children. Rey Mysterio has always said that Oscar Gutiérrez is different from Rey Mysterio. On-screen, Rey Mysterio had problems with Eddie, but off-screen, Scar Gutiérrez has a tattoo of Eddie on his body.

Rey Mysterio's first appearance

On July 25, 2002, Rey Mysterio appeared on SmackDown! Mysterio won the match with a mask on his face, which was his first match with the company. During the SummerSlam bout, Mysterio was forced to submit to an ankle lock by Kurt Angle. He and Edge competed in a tournament for the newly created WWE Tag Team Championship.

Who is the son of Rey Mysterio and Angie Gutierrez?

Angie Gutierrez was born in the 1970s in the United States of America. Angie and Rey Mysterio dated for a long time before finally exchanging vows on May 11, 1996. Angie and Rey Mysterio have two children together, Dominic and Aaliyah, who were born in 2001 and 1997.

Does Rey Mysterio still have a wife?

Rey Mysterio has been married to Angie Gutierrez for 25 years. The couple has been together for the past quarter-century and has remained committed.

Are there any children between Rey Mysterio and Angie Gutierrez?

Mysterio and his wife have two children together, a son and a daughter. On April 5, 1997, Dominik Mysterio was born. Their younger daughter, Aalyah, was born on August 20, 2001. Dominik is also a tag team stablemate with his father on WWE RAW.

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