Sketchbooks for Painting | Buyer's Guide For Artists!

A sketchbook is the best part of your evolving creative journey. The sketchbook is not just a binding of pages it's the treasure of an artist.

Sketchbooks for Painting | Buyer's Guide For Artists!

Best Sketchbooks for Painting

The sketchbook is the artist's ultimate companion, you carry it wherever you go. It's your best friend with whom you share your thoughts and express yourself freely. You put your creative mind on paper without the burden of judgement of the world. You draw and draw and quietly evolve into a maestro!

A sketchbook is the best part of your evolving creative journey. The sketchbook is not just a binding of pages it's the treasure of an artist. That’s why you feel so disturbed or uneasy when you are not able to find your favourite sketchbook!

While walking down the aisle of the long sketchbook lane or scrolling down the huge online sketchbook collection. It is overwhelming to choose the best sketchbook from abundant choices from the market.

Which sketchbook to choose? We have simplified the difficult proposition to navigate you to one of the Best Sketchbooks for Painting just perfect for you!

How to Choose the Best Sketchbook for Painting?


How big or small should the sketchbook be?  Well, there is no ideal size for the sketchbook. Think of the size that inspires you, also think of the practicality of the size. Where do you want to carry your sketchbook? What is the form of your art whether doodling, sketching or painting? Where do you want your sketchbook to fit, pocket, purse, or backpack? Or whether you want to carry the sketchbook while travelling?


Orientation refers to the binding of the sketchbook. The portrait size is positioned vertically when opened. The sketchbook has binding running across the length of the sketchbook. While the landscape-size sketchbook is horizontally placed. Binding runs across the width of the sketchbook, and is perfect to stretch the horizons.


Binding is an important factor when it comes to comfort. Normally there are two basic binding options available in the market

 1. Hardbound

 2. Spiral bound


Hardbound sketchbooks typically accommodate higher volumes of paper. They can be hard covers or soft covers. Taking pages out can be difficult, so choose the pages with the perforation near the binding. The major drawback of hardbound sketchbooks is it's not easy to flip and doesn't provide end-to-end space for your painting.


Spiral binding provides a flat surface for drawing on either side. It allows easy flipping making it the most preferred binding.It comes in both hard and soft covers. The cover comes into play when it comes to durability. Also, the hardcover provides support for painting. Both spiral-bound and hardbound sketchbooks are available in both landscape and portrait forms.


Paper is the core element of the Sketchbook, it can be broken down into the following categories.


If you are using pencils or pens for painting, probably dry media sketchbook is right for you. And if you primarily use wet media (watercolours) for paintings, you should opt for a wet media sketchbook.


Watercolour papers are thick, with a standard size of 140lb paper. These papers take a lot of water without bucking or ripping it apart. The lightest watercolour paper is normally of size 90lb. Anything lighter than this is best suited for pen and ink media. But keep in mind that the fibres of paper easily absorb and limit how many pages you can use.


There are primarily three types of finishes

  • Hot pressed (smooth texture)
  • Cold pressed (moderate texture)
  • Rough ( rough texture)

There are a wide variety of textures with slightly different finishes. The type of paper will depend on the choice of colours or vice versa. The texture decides the look of the painting after drying- More textured papers, more textured should be your paints (meaning pigmented colour).Overall, the hotpressed watercolour paper is excellent for watercolour, pencil and ink.

Best Sketchbooks in India

Here are the most recommended sketchbooks for artists at Ayush Paper

4 x 4 CM Watercolour Book 270 GSM

If you are looking for a pocket-size watercolour sketchbook, this size is perfect for you. This mini watercolour book has thick 270gsm watercolour paper suitable for all watercolour paintings. The watercolour sketchbook paper allows easy water penetration to stay pigments right on the paper. The miniature sketchbooks are easy-to-carry watercolour sketchbook that is perfect for all painting techniques.

Mixed Media Sketchbook

The mixed media sketchbook work well with almost all mediums from dusty graphite to wet watercolours. Each medium has unique characteristics, and picking the right kind of paper will enhance your painting experience. Ayush Paper sketchbook comes with 250 gsm which works well for dry as well as wet mediums including watercolours, acrylics, pen, and ink.

Black Sketchbook

The black sketchbook is made from 180gsm paper suitable for various art forms. These sketchbooks are available in multiple sizes from small black books to A5 black books/small square books. The various sizes along with a wide price range are available for every requirement. Further, the hard-bound books with superior hard card quality make them easy to carry. A black sketchbook allows one to explore creativity in terms of colour usage.

White Sketchbook

This white sketchbook is perfect for light watercolour washes, pen work, mandala painting and others. There is a wide range of sizes available that can fit your requirement. The miniature-size sketchbook is lightweight and easy to carry.

Finding Sketchbooks for Artists

Finally, there are no criteria for the best sketchbook. The best sketchbook is one that works well for you. They are available in different sizes, textures, shapes, and binding.But finding the right sketchbook is a tough call, but it is easier when you know what you want.

At Ayush Papers, we promise superior-quality sketchbooks with a wide collection. Discover the best sketchbooks in India you us part of your flourishing creative journey!