Carbide Drill Bits: All You Need to Know About Your Business

Before investing in carbide drill bits make sure you’re aware of its advantages and disadvantages. This is a complete guide answering all your questions.

Oct 7, 2022 - 05:22
Feb 15, 2023 - 06:05
Carbide Drill Bits: All You Need to Know About Your Business
Carbide Drill Bits

The owner of a manufacturing firm has to buy durable and effective drill bits, such as cobalt or carbide, to operate on tough materials. Cobalt drill bits are strong, whereas solid carbide drill bits are the most effective and often used. High-speed steel drill bits can struggle to deliver precise results when drilling difficult metal, but carbide drill bits are known for their perfect result. 

CNC machines are used to produce precise goods in large quantities using carbide-cutting tools. So, the tool you are using must be efficient to do the job. This brief explanation is insufficient for making an informed choice over which one to purchase, thus a more thorough explanation is provided below. 

  • Carbide is the most brittle and stiff of all the drill bit materials. 
  • It is mostly used for drilling in production settings with high-end tool holders and equipment. One shouldn't use drill presses or even hand drills with it. 
  • The strongest, toughest, and most demanding materials are what carbide drill bits are manufactured for. The primary element of carbide drill bits is tungsten carbide, a material made of tungsten and carbon.  
  • Combining these two elements helps to increase the feeds and speeds of metal cutting, making it a powerful instrument for cutting edges. 
  • Using solid carbide drills on hard, non-ferrous heavy metals and fiber-reinforced plastics allows for efficient high-speed drilling. 
  • Although carbide drill bits have a beautiful polish, they are best suited for high-volume drilling applications and should not be utilized with hand tools.

Carbide Drill Bits Vs Cobalt Drill Bits 

Both drill bits function well and are made of high-quality materials however carbide drill bits are much preferred now. Following a comparison between the two, this comparison makes choosing the one which fits the user’s needs much easier. 

  • Endurance: In terms of endurance, carbide drill bits last much longer than cobalt drill bits, a cobalt drill bit can easily carve 15 to 20 thousand holes before the need to resharpen. 
  • Heat Resistance: Carbide drill bits are way more heat resistant than Cobalt drill bits which makes them highly resistant to chipping. 
  • Hardness: On the Rockwell scale, solid carbide drill bits have a hardness of 75 HRC compared to cobalt's 65 HRC, making them stronger. 
  • Speed: Carbide drill bits work at high speeds thereby reducing the manufacturing time taken per piece, cobalt drill bits, on the other hand, have self-centring points. Timesaving helps to manufacture more items at a particular time and helps businesses grow. 
  • Toughness: The high toughness of the carbide bit, which is used with a coolant, actually increases the life of the drill bit greater than the Cobalt drill bit. 
  • Longevity: Once blunt all drill bits need to be replaced. But carbide drill bits are much more robust than cobalt drill bids so, replacement is not frequently needed here. 

The best drill bit currently available is made of carbide. These are employed in industrial settings where cutting hardened, and difficult materials call for great accuracy and lengthy tool lives. When cobalt drill bits are inadequate, this is the material to use. For precise, high-volume output, CNC machines employ carbide-cutting tools. Generally speaking, the affordable cost of carbide drill bits is justified in their applications and work quality. Its exceptionally large cutting volumes and precise finish are what you must consider over cost. 

Nevertheless, they both often include self-centering tips, allowing for precise drilling. Cobalt drill bits are often preferable for smaller-scale projects involving difficult and hardened materials. Cobalt bits should be used if the user is a professional or even a hobbyist utilizing hand drills or a manual drill press. Drill bits made of carbide are the toughest currently available and have a very long tool life. They can process hardened steel thanks to their exceptional hardness. These are often used in high-volume industrial applications requiring high-precision work on tough materials due to their price and are known for excellent manufacturing, metalworking, and carpentry. 


As all the benefits and the qualities of this drill bid are described in the above writing, it might be clear that the carbide drill bid would be the best option for your work. For a purchase make sure you have checked all the qualities or services that the drill bid must provide and purchase from a reputable supplier.