Things You Need To Avoid While Creating A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a complex network in order to publish your page. If you’re going to create a Wikipedia page, consider given crucial points and avoid mistakes.

May 12, 2022 - 19:18
Jan 26, 2023 - 06:47
Things You Need To Avoid While Creating A Wikipedia Page
Wikipedia Page

Are you planning to create a Wikipedia page? You should! As it has numerous benefits. It can build a staggering image on the internet and rank very well on the search engine page. It is one of the most prestigious ranked pages, and this is the reason people strive to make a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is an open-collaboration space, where there are editors and contributors. To make a Wikipedia page one has to fulfill the requirements and read through the policies and guidelines. The way to fulfill the requirements of creating a Wikipedia page can be a challenge.

So, to help you understand and make sure you are well-versed with Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Let’s look into some important things that need to be avoided while making a Wikipedia page.

 The Art Of Getting On Wikipedia

The art top getting onto a Wikipedia page starts with notability. Because of its massive popularity, it has grown into a potential space. Wikipedia is considered a reliable platform because of its credibility and because not everyone can make it. Many times, people write articles, and they fail to get the page published. It is the reason that you need to look for Wikipedia writers for hire

7 Crucial Points To Remember Before Making A Wikipedia Page

These are some vital points that if you care about them, you might have a better chance to star on Wikipedia. But first know, if you are worthy of being on Wikipedia. Let others create a Wikipedia page for you.

1.      Advertisement

You don’t have to promote or advertise or promote a name or a business. Wikipedia is not a platform for promotion. Wikipedia does not allow the addition of external links as it can indicate advertisement. So, if you are writing about a business, choose your words carefully. Write the article from a neutral point of view, with no conflict of interest, and independent of the subject. For a business let it meet the subject-specific guidelines.

2.      Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the basic ethics of Wikipedia page creation. Often people who are willing to create a page do not realize the importance of plagiarism. The editors and contributors of the Wikipedia community have the skills to catch any content that has been plagiarized. If you have plagiarized content, you lose the chance of getting a Wikipedia.

3.      Incorrect References

References are the heart of a Wikipedia page. You have to add secondary sources and avoid the addition of primary sources. Primary sources are directly eliminated by Wiki authorities. References are the major element that verifies the credibility and notability

4.      Non-Notable Topics

Non-notable topics; are not appreciated by Wikipedia. There are many topics that are considered to be notable, but not every topic is worth being on Wikipedia. If such pages do not come under the policies of notability, they may be published at first but are taken down.

5.      Writing On Existing Topics

This is one of the aspects that carry significant importance. Whenever you write a topic, draft some topics ad run it before submitting it for approval. If an article already exists with a name, you proposed you will need to suggest a new name.

6.      Autobiography Articles

Wikipedia is not a platform for writing biographies of every person. often people confuse it with an encyclopedia so it does not have to be about a person. Most of the people who opt for making Wikipedia pages are not notable either. 

7.      Definition Articles

Wikipedia is not a space for a dictionary, and each article needs to be above definitions and dictionaries. The article should have depth and weight. For the dictionary Wikipedia has Wiktionary. 

Things You Need To Be Careful About In Creating A Wikipedia Page

  • Write well-researched and properly cited content.
  • Make sure you are not including original research
  • Write articles fairly and neutrally
  • Keep reading your article again and again to avoid mistakes.
  • Add only such sources that can be verified, from sources


Creating a Wikipedia page has never been an easy task. Certainly, not everyone has the skills to create or deliver a fully functional Wikipedia page. To enhance your skills, you can follow the tips discussed above.