Small Kids Rooms: 14 Space-Saving Design Ideas

Everyone wants to decorate and organize their kids room to make it more comfortable and accessible. These tips can help you done your job.

Oct 26, 2022 - 12:39
Feb 15, 2023 - 06:54
Small Kids Rooms: 14 Space-Saving Design Ideas
Design Ideas for kids

Are you looking for storage, organization, and design tips for a small kids' room? 

Everyone wants to make their children's room cluttered, accessible, and well-organized. That's why we suggest you purchase storage furniture for small spaces to give everything a proper place.

There are many methods to maximize the space in children's bedrooms using multipurpose kid's furniture and other inventive techniques. 

Take a look at these 14 little kids' room ideas!

  1. Make Use of Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is brilliant for any tiny space, even a child's bedroom. You may increase organization by installing floating shelves to store books and small toys without taking up valuable floor space. Alternatively, keep items like backpacks, accessories, and more in an over-the-door organizer!

  1. Invest In Vertical Beds As Well

In shared children's bedrooms, lofted or bunk beds can help free up floors and utilize vertical space better. Furthermore, lofted beds make it simple to add cubbies, storage drawers, and other covert storage spaces. You can also add Dove Black Avantika Nightstand in their bedroom.

  1. Select a Twin Bed

The bed typically takes up the most space in bedrooms. Make sure you only use smaller beds, like twin beds, in a child's bedroom to prevent more spread. To create additional room for a play area and other storage requirements in the bedroom, you could even push a twin bed into a corner!

  1. Make Use of Under-Bed Storage

The space under the bed is one of the least used storage spaces in bedrooms. Still, it's the ideal place for hiding items and upgrading kid's room organization! Keep children's clothing, toys, books, and other things out by adding storage bins, drawers, or totes. Additionally, this can help free up closet and dresser space in a child's room!

  1. Keep Some Toys Away From Children

Keeping some items out of reach when not in use can prevent broken toys and make cleaning a small child's room easier. Showcase your kids' treasured or delicate items on tall furniture or shelves that are up high. Consider suspending a net hammock from the ceiling to hold plush animals.

  1. Put Storage Cubbies in Easy Access

Kids' rooms make wonderful storage spaces when bins, baskets, and cubbies are positioned below the ground. In addition to making it more straightforward for youngsters to get the toys they want to play with, this can train children to put the toys away after they're finished playing with them. 

To ensure your child understands where everything belongs, label or color-code each storage area.

  1. Hang Your Children's Clothes

Instead of utilizing a dresser, hang your child's clothes up to save some space in the room! You can free up more room in a child's room for their bed and play area by hanging jackets, shirts, jeans, and other clothing items on a wall-mounted rack or in a bedroom closet!

  1. Keep Your Accessories and Shoes in Storage Bins

Shoes, headbands and bows, socks, hats, and gloves are just a few of the little children's accessories that, if not organized, can occupy much room in a dresser or closet. Store these things in labeled plastic containers or storage boxes to keep everything orderly and tidy!

  1. Remove the Closet Doors

If your child's bedroom contains a closet, removing the doors can give the impression that the room is more extensive. This can dramatically alter the visual impact of a little children's room! In addition, it makes it much simpler to access apparel, shelves, and other kid-related objects!

  1. Use Vibrant, Neutral Colors When Decorating

In a small kid's room, using white, beige, or other light colors for the walls and furniture might make the area appear larger than it is. Since you can alter the bedroom design without having to repaint every time, this can also aid in converting a small nursery into a child's room and then later into a teen's room.

  1. Add Color & Texture Pops

Using some eye-catching hues and textures, you can assist your child in making their bedroom feel more like their own area. When designing a child's room, experiment with soft textured furnishings like rugs or curtains and pick decor in their favorite hues to give the little area some visual depth.

  1. Keep Desks & Workspaces Compact

Older kids must have a study area in their bedrooms for homework and other projects. Select a desk with small storage drawers if the kids' room is small so as not to take up too much space.

  1. Give Your Children More Space at Home

Even with all the planning and decorating suggestions in the book, a small kid's room will have its limitations. It pays to think creatively in these circumstances. A separate children's playroom might be a good idea if you have another area in the house where toys can be stored.

  1. Don't Complicate the Layout

When organizing a child's bedroom, attempt to plan the layout around how your child will utilize the area. Make sure their bed is accessible, and all necessary supplies are nearby. 

Don't overstuff the room with furnishings and decorations, either! Clutter not only makes a child's room appear smaller, but it can also put you and your child in danger of getting hurt.


Less is more when it comes to small kids' bedroom ideas for design and layout. Maintain a simple and elegant decor while adding color with decorations and toys. Shelving and furniture are mounted at a child-friendly level. Choose mini-version furniture to increase the sensation of space. We suggest you purchase storage furniture for small spaces to give everything a proper place. Make sure. You can also get more information about Bedroom decorating ideas to suit every style