The Fundamentals of Creating A Wikipedia Page

The most visited and reliable platform is Wikipedia. You need to consider the following tips in order to publish your articles on Wikipedia.

The Fundamentals of Creating A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is one of the most highly rated and visited platforms on the internet. It is the third most visited website and has 2,223 billion users globally. But with its distinct features, it is difficult to qualify for a Wikipedia page.

If you are willing to qualify for a Wikipedia page for a person. To get your article published you need to follow a series of complex steps. Wikipedia has clear-cut policies and guidelines that are a must-follow. Often people try to cope with them and fail.  To tackle them you need to be well-versed in what things you need to consider before making a Wikipedia page.

1.      The Tips To Follow For Creating A Wikipedia Page


Notability is the basic and the first step to passing the Wikipedia entrance test. Notability defines if your page is warranted to be on Wikipedia. For notability, you need to be worthy of notice. Notability has its basic guidelines as well as subject-specific guidelines.

Sometimes even if you collected enough significant sources to verify, the editors may not find it worthy. They may merge it with another page related to the same article. For a stand-alone page, you need to gather significant coverage, reliable sources, or secondary sources.


It requires more than one reference to make a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia editors are very picky when it comes to references; you need to collect secondary references to make a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia completely disapproves of primary sources. According to Wikipedia, primary sources are original links to a person or business and they may come under a promotional aspect.

Typically, third-party sources are from reputable new sites, journals, and information available on national public records.

Neutral Point Of View

NPOV is the basic and core content policy you need to consider for making a Wikipedia page. Whenever you write an article make sure to choose a neutral soft tone. Neutrality is the backbone of writing a Wikipedia article. Nonjudgmental language is considered positive on Wikipedia. You have to write a balanced and proportioned article and avoid bias as much as possible.


All the references and sources were gathered and mentioned the need to be verified. Verification is another test for Wikipedia. You can also get help with the verification process from Wikipedia management service to clear the concepts. It defines if you have extracted secondary or primary sources.

No Original Research

No original research is closely linked to verifiability. It defines that the article should not contain original research. So, you have to add secondary and published material for your content.


2. Steps To Incorporate For Making A Wikipedia Page

Since the fundamentals of creating a Wikipedia have been created. Now, you need to follow the steps that can lead you to create A Wikipedia page.

  • Start by making an account on Wikipedia, choosing a username, and signing up. For signing up, choose a unique username and check out if the name of the article already exists or not.
  • Gather all the resources and make sure to cite them as per the citation guidelines. Wikipedia usually uses MLA for citations. The references have to be cited with in-line citations to verify them.
  • Keep writing and writing until you have achieved perfection. A Wikipedia article, it has to be flawless and free from plagiarism, redundancy, or conflict of interest.
  • After writing drafts and completing the article, you need to make it SEO friendly. An SEO-friendly article can help in boosting the visibility of the article and you can enjoy a fair space on the search engine.
  • You have to follow a specific style of writing and avoid an informal tone. Make sure there is no jargon, or idioms, and write precise sentences. Don’t go overboard with your sentences, write them crisp and readable.
  • After editing and proofreading your article, you need to submit it for approval. The Wiki editors take some time to approve the article. The wait may take a long but make sure you have followed everything to qualify for it.


The fundamentals of creating a Wikipedia page are not difficult if you are following their guidelines. Wikipedia account creation entirely depends on its core content and other important guidelines.