Build Engagement On Social Media

in this article, all your queries will be cleared as we disclose everything there is to know about engagement on social media and how to build it.

Mar 27, 2023 - 04:00
Apr 11, 2023 - 06:04
Build Engagement On Social Media
Build Engagement On Social Media

How to Build Engagement On Social Media?

Social Media is one of the best places to bring more and more potential customers to the business. Businesses get easy conversions from Social Media if appropriately planned and one major factor affecting it is the brand's engagement on social media. Better engagement on social media is what brings more and more customers to the business because it is is is equivalent to the behavior of a brand on the internet. Therefore, engagement becomes a very important factor to focus on and take action further but the question is - 

Importance of Engagement On Social Media

Engagement is a very vital ranking signal on all social media platforms. It is referred to the activity of every person on the content you post. This ranking signal is estimated from likes dislikes, comments, shares, and many other actions that your audience can take on the content you post. More and more of these actions makeup engagement on social media better and good and better engagement tends to bring more potential customers to your business. This is because better engagement increases the reach of the content or the business platform itself online. While all this seems pretty easy to achieve, it is the hardest part.

How to Build Engagement Online?

Now that we are well aware of how tough it is to build engagement online on social media, time is to answer the question, of how to build engagement in your business on social media. There are many steps you should or may take to improve the behavior of your audience on your social media handle online but before that, you need to follow some necessary prerequisites which have been discussed next.

Use Engagement Metrics

Engagement metrics are the tools that help a business to measure and evaluate the ranking signals and make a measured articulated decision about the strategy to follow to increase engagement on social media online. You can also cater to the customers’ demand based on the metrics and evaluation of the followers on your content on social media. A few of the best engagement metrics include:


A buffer is a great tool that helps you to schedule, manage and analyze the content you post or are to post on social media platforms in one place. This is a great social media management tool for businesses to make better decisions and take the right actions.



Canva is a content-creating site or software which you can use to create any format of content for your business online. Many of these formats can be used to post online on any social media platform in high quality and provide content for viewers to interact with.



IIFT is another great social media tool that one can use to automate content posting and analyzing performance. It is quite similar to buffer but provides better utility. IIFT can be swapped with Buffer or used alongside Buffer for better analysis.

Understand Platform

Social media is a vast ocean of potential customers that tends to grow your business on a massive scale and rate if strategized properly. For this, one must understand the platform that is targeted by the business. This is because each platform is different and works on different metrics. Besides that, it is vital to target only a specific amount of social media platforms that may be beneficial for the business and its operations.

Understand Your Audience

The audience or the people you are targeting are the ones you will capitalize on your business from. The audience is what you cater to when it comes to business. The only way to grow your business online or even offline is to provide what customers need and demand. Doing so will immensely increase your sales and grow your business at a crazy rate. To do so, you need to understand your audience well. Therefore, it is highly important to create the type of content on social media that your audience might be interested in consuming.

Tips For Building Engagement On Social Media

After following all the prerequisites one can easily understand what to do and how to take the following tips into action.

Create Engaging Post

Posts are what bring potential costumes and audiences to your social media handle and your business. Therefore, it is very important to keep the posts as crisp and as relevant to the audience as possible since that will help viewers to engage more with the content.

Posting Time

As important as it is to create content on social media that connects with the audience, It is vital to post the same content at the right time on social media. Another thing to note is that there is no particular stipulated time at which you can post the content to get more and more viewers and engagement. This varies from niche to niche. Therefore, you need to understand ways through which you can find the right time for you to reach your audience. To do so, you can keep in note the metric that measures the time at which your audience is most active on the platform. Another way is to try posting content at different times in bulk and analyze the behavior or the content and audience to find out the same. The former only works for businesses that have crossed a certain threshold on the platform.


Giveaways are considered a perfect way to build audience engagement on your post and social media handle. When you provide a chance for everyone to win something for free, it helps you to increase interaction and engagement on your post.

Stay Human

In today’s time, the audience of any niche is well aware of the fact that businesses have people handling things for them meaning that a definite person is handling the social media of the business. Therefore, remaining human as a business on social media can give you an edge over others to bring more audience towards your business and increase conversions.

Create FOMO

This is one of the greatest ways to increase engagement as well as sales of your product or service online where you activate a limited-time offer for your audience to grab their attention and potentially make sales through it while it will help increase engagement more and more people start talking about it.

Brand Collaboration

Brand Collaboration is an ages-old strategy to boost sales and engagement not just in the online world but in the practical world as well. Brand Collaborations help two brands grab the opportunity to target the audience each other and invoke a viral discussion among others about the collaboration. This helps businesses to grow faster.

Use Images in Post

This is yet another very vital pointer to take while making content for the audience. People tend to keep their time spent on a single brand as less as possible and with the increasing competition, you have much less time to impress a viewer and turn him into a permanent customer. Therefore, it is recommended to use images in posts instead of just text which will give you a chance to attract customers to the business and build engagement.


In the end, it is vital to understand the importance of engagement for your business’s growth which is often overlooked by many. Social media has become the ultimate key to achieving the desired engagement. We’ve understood how engagement can bring more and more customers to your business and flourish it. Moreover, there are zillions of methods that can be applied to build great engagement. Therefore, it is vital to understand the importance and tactics for building engagement to imply social media marketing for your business.