How to Care For Your Window Blinds and Keep Them Looking Like New?

Windows blinds increase the value and enhances the attraction of your house or offices. You can get them as new if you take care and clean them correctly.

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How to Care For Your Window Blinds and Keep Them Looking Like New?
How to Care For Your Window Blinds

Most people love the elegance of the blinds that they bring into a home. In homes, they are the main material used in decorating the interiors. Caring for your blinds is not hard. It is a very simple process that can prolong the life of your window blinds. There are a few things you should remember to take good care of your blinds, this makes homeowners enjoy them even after long years of installation. Cleaning them regularly is very easy and won't take too much time.

5 Best Ways To Care For Window Blinds

Assuming you would like tips for cleaning your window blinds. Use a vacuum with the appropriate attachments to clean both the top and underside of your blinds. 

1. Deep-Cleaning

The first step to deep-cleaning your window blinds Abu Dhabi is to purchase the proper cleaning supplies. These will depend on how often you clean your blinds, but you can find them at your local hardware store or grocery store. If you're not sure what to buy, check the directions on the manufacturer's website to determine what they recommend. You should also select a vacuum that is easy to lift and move. A vacuum with a shoulder strap is convenient.

Another quick and easy way to clean blinds is to soak them in a bathtub filled with warm water and a mild wood cleaner. Soak them for at least an hour, shaking them to remove any excess water.

2. Vacuuming

Vacuuming your window blinds is a good way to keep them looking new and clean. This method works for most types of window treatments and is safe to use. Use a brush attachment to the vacuum and run it over the slats from left to right. Be careful not to apply too much suction as this can damage your blinds.

Alternatively, use a microfiber cloth or non-abrasive sponge to clean the blinds. You can also use soapy water. Make sure to use microfiber because it's more effective than feather dusters.

3. Vacuuming while blinds are on the windows

If you have an upright vacuum, it is possible to vacuum while the blinds are on the windows to keep them clean. This is especially helpful if you want to vacuum deeper into the fabric of the blinds. When vacuuming, use a soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the blinds. For blinds with higher slats, you may need a ladder or the assistance of an assistant. Afterward, use an anti-static dust product or a dryer sheet to finish off the cleaning.

4. Cleaning with a microfiber cloth

Cleaning with a microfiber cloth is an effective way to keep window blinds looking new and clean. You can use it for different purposes, depending on the type of window blinds you have. The most basic technique involves wetting the microfiber cloth and using it to wipe off dirt and grime. If you have a tilt wand, you can also use it to remove loose dirt and grime. Next, you can run the cloth over the pull strings to clean them.

Cleaning with a microfiber cloth is very effective for removing dirt and stains that are left on the wooden slats. Using a soft microfiber cloth, you can wipe away sticky residue and dust without damaging the wood.

5. Cleaning with a small handheld vacuum

A vacuum is an effective tool for cleaning window blinds. Choose a model that suits your needs. A small handheld vacuum is better suited for dusting lightly dusty blinds, while a canister vacuum is more efficient for heavy dusting. A lightweight vacuum will be easier to maneuver, and it should also have a shoulder strap.

If you have fabric blinds, you should always use a vacuum with a soft-bristled brush attachment. When cleaning vertical blinds, always clean from the top down; for horizontal blinds, clean back and forth.


Vacuuming is an easy way to keep blinds looking like new. It is important to choose a vacuum that works with your routine. Small handheld vacuums are convenient, but they may not be as effective as a canister vacuum. Choose one with a shoulder strap for easy lifting.