How to choose the right paint for your property

The right color choice can make your home appear more attractive and unique. Choosing brighter colors for your bedroom can be too vibrant.

Sep 23, 2022 - 13:29
Feb 15, 2023 - 05:54
How to choose the right paint for your property
How to choose the right pain scheme

We all know that you can change the look of your house for the better by repainting or by redecorating. However, a wrong choice of paint color or finish can ruin all the work and make your property cold, dark, and even smaller than you know it to be. For this reason, you must ensure that you make the right choice of paint color as well as the best kind of paint.

When decorating or renovating your home, you can trust us to help with the right choice of colors and tips to bring out and maximize the best in every space. Remember, however, that we are professionals, and as such, we do our best to satisfy all our customers. You can trust us to be available all the time to help out with anything you may require.

As professionals, we can tell you that the setup or orientation of the rooms in your home can play a huge role in determining the right color scheme to go for. This is one of the major mistakes several inexperienced professional decorators make. To explain this further, look at some examples below.

Rooms facing North

Rooms that are north-facing do not get much sunlight, and for this reason, they may be cooler than other rooms and can also be shaded. This also implies that you would not have to paint cool colors like blue or grey on the walls, as it would make them look and feel cooler than it already is. Instead, go for colors that are warmer, and have a warmer tint like pink or yellow if you favor natural colors. You can even decide to paint the room in brighter shades of these colors if you desire a bolder look. They give a more aesthetic look beside the bolder appeal. Other great colors to consider are purple and red tones.

Rooms facing South

Rooms that are south-facing are always the brightest rooms because they get more sunlight and natural light. For this reason, the best colors to paint in these rooms are cool colors and cool shades. They balance out the rooms perfectly and make them appear cool. Always go for colors with cool undertones instead of bright or pastel colors.

Rooms facing East and West

Rooms that face east are not considered cool or warm. They get warm in the early hours of the day, and as the sun moves away during the day, they get cooler. On the other hand, the rooms facing west will get warmer in the evenings but are generally cool in the early hours of the day. These similarities and differences do not really affect the choice of paint color for the rooms. However, they are bound to look and feel different at different times of the day. While you can pick the same color type for the rooms, know that they will not look or feel the same as their temperature changes throughout the day.

Factors that influence the choice of colors

Besides the orientation and position of the room in your home, there are other things you need to consider before picking a color choice for a room. One of the things that will help you decide is to ask yourself how much time you always spend in the room. Although a lot of people make their choice because of how much natural light flows into the room, it can also help to take note of the time spent in it. For example, if you use the room mostly at night, it might be best to choose colors that will look better in an artificial lighting space. It solves the problem, answers the question, and helps you get better sleep.

Furthermore, when this has been taken care of, the next thing to consider would be the effect of your choice of color on the particular room as certain colors are better suited for certain rooms. For instance, bright colors can be perfect for the sitting room or perhaps the dining room, but at the same time, they will be too vibrant for a bedroom at night.

Finally, another thing to take very seriously would be the paint finish. You may be right with your choice of paint color, but a bad finish can lay waste to the entire work. The paint finish refers to the look of paint when it is dried, and the common options for emulsion paints are usually silk finish or matte finish.

The matte finish dries smoothly and has no shiny finish. On the good side, it hides blemishes on walls and blends with any color palette or style. On the not-so-good side, it can be dull and does not give off a velvety finish. This is probably why it is mostly used in areas or rooms that receive guests. Of the two common finishes, matte is easiest when you want to give a touch-up, plus it gives a deeper shade to your choice of paint.

Silk finish, however, dries very well, giving off a surface that is shiny and attracts light. Unlike the matte finish, it is washable and appears delicate when it dries. This finish makes your paint color choice stand out, especially if your choices are bright colors. Furthermore, it does not easily get dirty because of the shiny surface, and this makes it a great choice for areas that are likely to get messy, like the children’s area.

End Line

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