How to print in color?

If you want to print the documents in color form, then first open the documents and press the ctrl+p key and the print box is open, select the print item

How to print in color?
How to print in color?

You've been trying and trying for hours but, as they say, you can't get a spider out of the hole. Your printer just doesn't want to know anything about printing that document in color. Whatever happened? Well, obviously you have (mistakenly) changed the appropriate item in the print settings. The thing is therefore easily solved. If you want, I can explain how to proceed, with my guide dedicated to the subject.

Whether you want to print in color in Windows or use a Mac or a smartphone, in the guide I have prepared, you will find all the information you need, with detailed instructions on specific programs such as those in the packaged Office from Microsoft.

How to print in color on Windows 11

If what you are using is a computer with Windows 11 or any other version of the Microsoft operating system, the first step you must take to print in color is to turn on the printer in your possession, by pressing the appropriate button attached to it.

Once this is done, open the software you want to use to view the document or photo to be printed and use the key combination Ctrl + P on the keyboard to invoke the print function. Alternatively, select the Print item or the Print item from the File menu in the toolbar of the program in use and/or from the menus attached to it.

To finish and then to finally print in color, press the Print button or the Print button and wait for the procedure to be started and completed. Unfortunately, I cannot be more precise as the items and buttons for printing on Windows may vary depending on the program used.  If you want to know more about 3plus2five I leave you my dedicated tutorial. For more information on this, however, you can consult the various chapters below, in which I will help you print in color using different software.

How to print in color on Mac

If, on the other hand, you are using a Mac, the first thing you need to do is to turn on the printer, in fact, it can happen to be so busy with the problem of not realizing that it is turned off. Don't get discouraged, it happens to everyone!

Now that the device is on and working, you can open the file you want to print with the reference program (eg Preview in case what you want to print is a PDF document ), and call up the print function using the key combination Cmd + p on the keyboard. Alternatively, click on the File item on the menu bar and then select Print.

In the print preview window that you will see appear at this point, select (or make sure it is already selected) the Color item from the Preset drop-down menu, then adjust the other settings relating to double-sided printing, For more Tips, you can visit to the number of copies to be printed and pages. If you want to change more settings, click Show details.

To conclude and therefore to start the color printing procedure, click on the Print button located in the lower right part of the displayed window and wait for the printing process to be started and completed.

How to print in color in Word

First, open the Word file you want to print, then click on File at the top left and choose the Print item. In the summary window that will appear, under the heading Printer, you must carefully choose the device you want to use. Then click on the drop-down menu to view all connected printers.

If you don't see the color printer you want to use among those listed, click Add Printer and, in the following window, left-click on Add a printer or scanner. The computer will perform a search (you can simply check if the operation is in progress by reading if the Search for printers and scanners item is present ), at the end of which, if you have connected a printer via cable or wirelessly, the device should appear.

Then click on the search result and then on Add device. Now the printer is connected to the computer and will appear in the list of devices that can be selected via Word. Select it from the drop-down menu (if it still does not appear, close the program and reopen it, following the previous instructions to return to the print menu) and then click on the item Printer properties.

The window that opens will have two tabs, the first is Layout while the second is Paper / Quality, click on this to access the color settings. All you have to do is select Color and press OK on the bottom left. When you are ready click on the Print button in the summary menu to finish the procedure.