7 Steps: How to Save Money on Clothing?

You can still follow trends and save money at the same time. You can get your favorite pieces without putting a big dent in your budget.

7 Steps: How to Save Money on Clothing?
save money on clothing

Do you know that Americans are spending more than $1700 a year on shopping for clothing pieces? The New Year calls for some changes. And we get excited and eager to try new trends and styles. It is only natural to be reluctant to shop when you have a fixed budget. You don’t want to get carried away with your shopping spree and overstretch your budget.

Let us save you from those regrets. With a mix and match of semi-formal dresses and a casual dupatta scarf, you can still look awesome and save up on your budget. Without giving a serious blow to your budget, you can get your favourite pieces. Check out these hacks and tricks.

7 Easy Ways to Save Up on Your Clothing

  1. Dig into Your Closet.
  2. Don’t Want to Wear Certain Pieces? Sell Them Off.
  3. Mix and Match.
  4. Shop Out of Season.
  5. You Don’t have to Try Every Trend.
  6. Experiment with DIY Options.
  7. Befriend a Few Salesmen.

Dig into Your Closet

Scrutinize your clothing from last year. It may sound obvious but people do not pay much attention to their stuff from last year. it’s important to consider what you already own and then think of the pieces you actually need to buy. If you don’t want to end up overspending and waste your bucks on pieces you already own, then you have to go through this drill essentially. Make proper categories of your old clothes and sort them out. Take some time to see which ones are still wearable and which can be considered for mix and match.

For the rest, donating them to charity is a great idea.

Don’t Want to Wear Certain Pieces? Sell Them Off

We often have some new or rarely worn pieces in our closets, which don’t fit into the donation or trading category. To get your hands on some extra cash, drop such pieces at a consignment shop. They will sell them and give you an amount after keeping their cut. Since you were never going to wear those pieces, this is worth it. Dedicate a weekend to figure out such pieces in your closet and earn some bucks. If you haven’t worn a certain item in 365 days, be sure that you are never going to wear it!

Mix and Match

Let your creativity kick in to expand your outfit options. Become a pro at mix and match and you will see that you will be able to create tens of different clothing combos. They will be as good as new clothes. You can also mix and match certain old pieces with new ones to create brand-new looks.

Also, clever accessorizing can change the whole look altogether. Invest in some quality accessories to make your outfit look classier and trendier. For instance, an artful knot of a silk scarf can make your casual wear elegant. Invest in handpicking some fine jewelry, bags, scarves, and other accessories.

Let your artsy side speak!

Shop Out of Season

Yes, we know how exciting pre-season shopping could be but we are all about saving up as much as we can! Make a habit of scheduling your shopping jaunts out of season. You will get fine pieces without having to pay the max retail price. Save some cool cash only by changing the schedule of your shopping. You won’t regret it!

You Don’t have to Try Every Trend

If we look at the trend game and the fashion world, it is designed in a way that the trends are ever-evolving and changing. If you consider the average time for a fashion trend to last, it’s hardly a full season. Therefore, you need to go easy on these fast-changing fashion trends. Don’t go spending hundreds of bucks on a tiny bag or a pleated shirt only because you saw Instagram fashion divas flaunting them. We would recommend spending on wardrobe staples and timeless pieces such as coats, jackets, long boots, scarves, and so on.

Experiment with DIY Options

We are living in the age of DIY. This trend has brought out the creativity of people. And when we say DIY here, don’t think we mean sewing your clothes. But yes, you can change many details about your clothing pieces. For instance, you can give a new life to your blazers and coats by replacing their buttons. You can hem your jeans or shorts to give a new look to them. The possibilities are endless. You just need to unleash your creativity!

Befriend a Few Salesmen

Do you always shop from fixed brands? If yes, you need to befriend a salesperson or two in those stores. You will be serviced well and they will also take the responsibility of enlightening you about upcoming deals, sales, and limited-time offers. Ask them to ping you when your favourite items are down from a sky-high price. Since I’m a huge fan of ethnic wear, I love Pakistani clothes online USA. I have befriended some online sales reps who inform me about the new range launches, discounts, and availability of my favourite pieces.