How to Write a Managerial Accounting Dissertation?

In this article we have disscuss the deatil of how to write a managerial accounting dissertation. Let’s dive deep into the details.

How to Write a Managerial Accounting Dissertation?

While writing a managerial accounting dissertation, you display your ability to identify, measure, analyse, interpret and communicate the financial information to the relevant authorities. It is really a hectic task, and most students find writing a stellar managerial accounting thesis challenging. 

We have compiled the best tips and techniques for your managerial accounting dissertation writing to solve your difficulties. These guidelines will improve your planning, research and writing skills, and your work will impress your supervisor. 

You can also get dissertation help online to assist you in writing a financial and managerial accounting thesis. Let’s dive deep into the details.

Step-by-Step Managerial Accounting Dissertation Guide

The first best thing to do is to review several accounting dissertation examples as it helps you get a better idea of how you have to present your work to the audience. The other steps that you need to follow during the process are the following:

Step 1: Select a Suitable Dissertation Topic

Whether you choose to discuss a brand new topic or work on well-known issues, it is mandatory to choose an interesting topic. Select a topic that you know that you will be able to research, analyse and write about.

Here are a few interesting dissertation topics that you can check for your understanding:

      In what ways do psychological hazards affect the risk management policies of a workplace?

      What is the impact of innovation and technology usage on business management strategies?

      Can an eco-friendly business strategy increase the profitability of a business?

You can choose a similar topic for your managerial accounting dissertation. Choosing a good topic means that you have made half of things easy for you.

Step 2: Write a Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal tells the committee the aims and objectives of your research work. It persuades them that you are about to raise valuable, interesting and complex research questions and have set up a plan for organising the information.

There are some key considerations when writing a proposal for a managerial accounting dissertation:

      Describe the area of your project in the vast field of study.

      Explain the research problem that your research project will tackle.

      Describe the significance of the research project that you are going to address.

      Emphasise the importance of arriving at the right decision based on your research.

      Discuss the methodology that you will use to get the research answers.

These points in the dissertation proposal make it the best for the readers. The objectives mentioned here will help you find the right answers to the research problems at hand.

Step 3: Performing the Research

At this stage, you will have to set the overall development of your managerial accounting dissertation. Your research work shall be effective because otherwise, you will only waste time analysing irrelevant sources.

Some recommendations for how you should plan the research stage are the following:

      Choose the right sources for information that you will use in your work.

      Educational portals, forums, articles, and blogs on your topics will help you gather the right information to include in your dissertation.

      Organise the resources and keep track of their references. You can use Evernote, Penzu or other note-taking apps to help you note down the ideas.

Also, there must be a logical coherence in the arguments and the supporting evidence that you collect during the research work.

Taking help from the relevant resources is really important. For example, if you are addressing an area of Human Resource Management, portals like Harvard Business Review can come in handy. If it is related to financial management, you should consult the Free Management Library.

Step 4: Structure Your Work

When you have conducted enough research on the subject, you should sit down to structure your work. You already have the proposal, and now it will be time to map out the main contents of your dissertation and make an outline. Ensure that you have not skipped any point while writing the outline.

The main components to be included in such an outline are the following:


This part provides the reader with a background of the issue. Also, it presents the statement of the problem to the readers. Some writers also tend to include their expectations and assumptions about the final results of their work. Also, you should provide the definitions of key terms here in this section.

 Literature Review

In this section of your managerial accounting dissertation, you will review your research process and provide the readers with the key acknowledgements. This section introduces and justifies the main research questions and objectives. It is more like a critical evaluation of the work of other authors.


This section of your dissertation is more focused on how you came up with the dissertation resources and how you plan to use them to gain results in the future. These two pointers will help you understand the nature of this section:

a)     In qualitative research, you expose the participants to research, questions, data analysis processes, data collection and setting reviews.

b)     In the case of a quantitative dissertation, you will focus on the research hypothesis, questions, data collection and data analysis processes.

Overall, the methodology part defines the ways of your research plan implementation and the procedures for arriving at results.


The most important part of a managerial accounting dissertation is the findings part. Here, you illustrate your intellectual capacity and the actual findings of your result. You must restate your research questions and discuss the results that you have arrived at. Use charts, figures, and diagrams to illustrate the key points. 


In the last chapter of your dissertation, you sum up the research and provide the audience with a summary of the results. It is always worthwhile to explain the impact of your research findings on the research world around you.

An important factor to take care of in this regard is that you do not have to confuse the recommendations for the company part with the list of conclusions. When writing the dissertation, you will obviously take into consideration the problems faced by a real business organisation.

The conclusions are separate from the recommendations. If you have recommendations for the company or further research for the students, you should write them down in a separate chapter.


Here, you enlist the sources of the citations you quote in your papers. Make sure that the sources are valid and accurate. Also, use the citation style that is recommended by your college or university. Keeping track of sources during the research stage will pay off when crafting this section.


Different authors use appendices when they want to provide the audience with supporting material for reference purposes. By the use of appendices, you get a chance to prove the authenticity of your work in the best manner. Also, you get to illustrate the principle points specified in the questionnaires.

Also, keep in mind that you should mention if the appendices include any subsidiary material related to research.

Step 5: Final Editing

So, once you are finished writing a strategic management accounting dissertation, put it aside for a while. After taking enough rest, you should come back to it and read your work with a fresh vision.

Make sure that there is no style, contextual, grammatical or formatting mistakes in your work. Also, you should ensure that the logical arguments in your work make perfect sense to the readers. There must be relevance between the core issues to be addressed and the central theme arguments in your accounting dissertation.

Hiring an editing agency for this purpose shall also be beneficial because professional proofreaders are experts at making academic papers error-free.


So, when writing a managerial accounting dissertation, you must adhere to these guidelines in particular. It is important to develop skills that are important for drafting complete and accurate financial statements for different businesses.

Once you are done completing your dissertation, revise all the strategies you employed in your work. Also, check the work for any kind of existing mistakes and remove all errors from your papers. You can also get accounting dissertation help online for editing your papers.

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