Paintbox- 6 nail products you must have to keep up with the trends

How well you paint your nail, defines a lot about your fashion sense. By keeping these nail products, you can dominate in latest fashion trends.

Paintbox- 6 nail products you must have to keep up with the trends
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Nails have been a major part of trends today and define a lot about one’s fashion sense. From pastels to neons, people love exploring their vibe when it comes to nail colours. We also have gel nail extensions and acrylic nails for more sturdy and endurance. If we step into a salon, we see a dedicated section for the same as nails have become an essential part of self-care and luxury. Initially used for bracelets, now charms and embellishments are also being used for nails as a form of nail art to express and represent one’s style. No matter how much we put embellishes on or coat them with colours, maintaining nails isn’t an easy task. To help you with the same, here are some curated products for you to hop into the trending nail styles.

Cuticle oil

An essential part of every nail care routine would be cuticle oil. It gives all the necessary nourishment to your nails through the roots and protects them from breaking. Oiling your nails regularly not only gives them the required moisturization but a natural shine as well. While you apply nail polishes, matte or glittery, the chemicals present in the same can affect the quality of your nails. Also, the reapplication of gel nails and other extensions can make your nails dry and damaged. Cuticle oil, as it suggests, is supposed to apply directly to bare cuticles to make it work. It also promotes the growth and longevity of the nails. 

Nail Art Kit

The dream of having your perfect summer nails isn’t very tough; however, it can be a little heavy on the pocket to spend so much on nail appointments. Having a nail art kit with you can be a lot handy as you can be free from the risk of not getting your actually desired style and patterns when you rely upon the nail art lady/man. You can also give life to some funky and cute inspirations you find on your Pinterest feed or other social media. The nail art kit can also be used as a mini manicure kit as you can always shape your nails and keep them flawless on the go anytime. A nail art party would be a cherry on top of your next get-together, as Paintbox coupons can help you save a lot on your purchase from here.


The only acceptable form of party and celebration nails are glitters! Just add a little bit of sparkle, and you can always enhance the look of a simple nail style and transform them into party mode. With a very pastel base colour, a single top coat of glitter polish can be as basic as one could be. You can lay around the cuticles and give the reverse french manicure. As important as a little black dress can be for a clubbing night out, so is the glitter nail detail. Though not everyone’s forte, you can always explore by trying out different shades of glittery polishes. 

Colour Blocking

As the art of colour blocking has been the trendiest fashion element of the year, it can also be played with on the nails. If your hands aren’t too well with the art and designs, you can always enhance your nails by adding contrasting elements like closer shades of similar colour, pastels with white, popping colours and pairing them together. A cello tape helps a lot with making the perfect french and colourful tips. You can study colour theory to improve your knowledge of pairing colours and match your nails with your outfit. If you wanna play around with the colour blocking, you can always go with organic shapes, circles and squiggles, which are very much in trend today. Besides, by using Paintbox discount codes, you can have your desired shades at affordable prices and give life to your inspiration.

Clear Polish

Clear polish is like a primer for your nails. It not only gives extra shine to your nails but also makes a protective layer from the colours of polishes and saves your natural ails from damage. Sometimes, applying just the cuticle oil and a clear polish can get your nails glowing for a minimal and basic look. Those of you not a fan of colours can always utilize the clear polish for the best. Along with the protection to your natural nails, it applying a coat of clear polish over your nail colour or nail art designs can save them from damage and give extra and longer life to them. With a clear nail base and colourful cuticle or tips, you can rock a very minimal yet trendy nail design. The abstract waves of a popping colour over your clear polish manicure would be a chic choice, as it adds that element of extra since the abstract lines are nothing but the stripes in Italics.


The colour palette of pastels can never go out of style. From the vintage period till today, pastels have always been alive, either in textile or in makeup. Matching your nails with your makeup and giving the pastel elements to it can intensify the whole fit and look and give a very fresh vibe to it. The shades are perfect for summer and can be a go-to for the “basic” look lovers. Not only the freshness but adding embellishments and charms to your pastel claws gives you a really dreamy aesthetic. This is that one consistent vein that runs through every nail aesthetic, style and trend. The skittles manicure is wildly popular with kids, and the pastels are the perfect shades for it. Apply accurate details of Paintbox coupon codes on your checkout page, and the claimed reduction on your bill will be made on your order from us. 

Now that we are fully educated about the popular nail trends, it’s high time you implement them on your claws. When you’re at home and bored, try adding some personalized elements to your nails instead of scrolling. You can find some exciting Paintbox deals on Coupon Rovers as well as on the official Paintbox website. Add some fun self-care and colourful elements to your routine this once.