Orthodontics: A Special Dentistry Branch to improve your Appearance

Perfect teeth give a perfect smile and when it comes to making teeth attractive and improving your appearance, orthodontics is the one who can help you.

Orthodontics: A Special Dentistry Branch to improve your Appearance

In these times where social media and the internet have given birth to a new generation, good looks are as important as a sharp brain. Face most certainly is the index of our mind and one of the most important elements is our smile. How much a great smile can mean to the eyes of the beholder now and to an extent it's visible that we all wish for having the same, especially when we know that the impact of a smile is much more than we think.

So, the question that arises here is how can we get a perfect smile? So many of us see children, teenagers, and adults around us with crooked teeth, misaligned jaws, and bite problems. Not only do these issues impact the jaw but affect the whole face alignment of the respective person. It brings down oral health and hygiene to poor standards.   The one-stop solution to these issues is to visit an Orthodontics center in Los Angeles and seek the professional opinion of an orthodontist.

An orthodontist is a person who assesses the health of your teeth and gums while suggesting potential treatment which can solve your problems. He/She is a trained professional who has the training, knowledge, and experience to treat kids, teenagers, and adults as well.

Orthodontists specialize in fixing teeth and jaw alignment such as gap reduction, bite issues, crowding, asymmetrical teeth, and reduction of the pain which we feel while having food and chewing. Even the sucking thumb habit of your child can be corrected.

After the assessment of your teeth and jaw, the orthodontist suggests the course of treatment and the requirement of devices if any. There are different kinds of devices that are used for the treatment such as Metal Braces, Aligners, Fixed space maintainers, Clear braces, Retainers, etc.

Now, let's discuss some of the four important dental concepts that demand the urgent need of an orthodontist. These are:

Misaligned teeth: 

There is no major reason for the misalignment of teeth but it starts from a very little age and you can say that kids who have a habit of thumb-sucking can develop misaligned teeth. The misalignment increases when the jaw size is small when you compare it with the size of the teeth. So, to correct this misalignment, the best option is to consult a good orthodontist who can take care of the alignment and set it straight. It will remove all the discomfort and pain that people go through while chewing their food or speaking fluently. The experts will most probably advise for braces and repairing the rest with shapes.   

Crowded teeth: 

When our dental cavity does not give enough space to the permanent teeth to grow straight, in that situation we call it crowded. We can level up this situation to three categories:

Mild crowding- the condition when one anterior tooth either in the lower or upper jaw is rotated to another direction.

Moderate Crowding: The condition when more than two teeth either in the lower or upper jaw are overlapped.

Severe Crowding: The condition when almost all the anterior teeth are overlapped.


 We call it overbite when the top teeth extend beyond the bottom line. This is not a rare condition and many people have slightly overbite but the problem occurs when the level is too much and you can visibly see the teeth coming in front and having issues like jaw pain, gum disease and decay.  Also, as age increases, overbite increases with time and causes more and more headaches, pain and inability to properly clean the teeth. So, an orthodontist is there to help in such cases. They know this condition best and can give you perfect treatment plans to settle down the teeth correctly.   


The condition in which your lower teeth are extended beyond the outer teeth, its underbite. This problem is also categorized as Class III malocclusion or prognathism. The person facing this problem appears like bulldog shadow in mouth &

face. In case of severity, the person has to overcome the challenges of speaking, mouth as well as face pain due to the misaligned jaw and extreme difficulty in biting and chewing food. The main reason for underbite is childhood habits, genetics, injury and tumors.


The term Temporomandibular joint is an anchor that acts as a connecting agent between your jaw and the temporal bones of your skull that are located in the front section of each ear.  This hinge lets the jaw move in different directions so that the person can chew, talk as well as yawn. When you face a problem in this movement with your jaw and muscles, we call it a temporomandibular disorder. When the situation gets worse, the patient suffers intense pain and discomfort and swelling. So, an orthodontist is a perfect person to consult and proceed with the further treatment plan.

Hence, we can see how important it is to get a consultation from the best orthodontist in your place and get the treatment as soon as possible. These people are certified and licensed to perform surgical dental procedures on their patients. You can even ask your family or friends if they recommend someone who is best at this work.  In that case, it will become easy for you to trust on that source and follow up for future assistance.

On the other hand, if it's all up to you, browse the top orthodontics center in Los Angeles and call them for the availability of the doctor. You can check the diagnosis and prognosis before you make the final call. You can even take a second opinion from the other best doctors in the city and get confirmation. This way you can clear all your doubts and get the best treatment plan advised to you. You can get rid of all the pain and discomfort with a single smart decision.