Paintbox: Five hacks to apply nail paint like a pro

Whether you've never done a manicure before or you've done a million times, these nail paint tips will help you get the perfect one every time.

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Paintbox: Five hacks to apply nail paint like a pro
Paintbox: Five hacks to apply nail paint like a pro

With the spooky season rolling in, it is time to start thinking of Halloween costumes. And what even is a Halloween costume with funky nails to accompany it? But not everyone is blessed with the dexterity of your local manicurist. That is where nail paint hacks come in. They are sort of cheat codes for getting flawless nails without much skill and effort. The internet is full of so-called nail hacks that don't deliver as they promise. Check out Paintbox’s vast collection of nontoxic and vibrant nail colours to spice up this year’s Halloween. With the Paintbox sale, you can hoard in on nail colours without burning a hole in your pocket. And what does a drawer full of affordable and nontoxic nail colours mean? Trying out nail paint hacks! Listed are five nail hacks that are tried and tested and are bound to work: 

  1. Gradient:

The results of this technique make it seem very difficult but it is not. One of the oldest tricks in the nail hack book, this hack only takes a few supplies. Start by taking a smooth plastic surface like a plastic box cap or a plastic board. Pick two or more nail colours of your choice. Then put a little bit of each nail colour onto the board. Choose to go for a horizontal line, by placing them one on the other. Now, take a makeup sponge and dab it on the horizontal nail paint line. After gathering enough product on the sponge, proceed to dab it all over your nail. Try not to get scared of the mess you might create. Once you get the desired look, take a nail polish remover on a q-tip and clean up the edges of your nails. Be sure to try out this amazing hack using Paintbox nail colours. Check out the official Paintbox website for exclusive Paintbox offers to save some money.

  1. Latex:

One of the biggest concerns for people while painting their nails is painting outside the nail bed. The perfect hack for this issue is latex coat polish. Start by shaking the bottle properly to activate the latex particles. Proceed to carefully apply a thin coat all around your finger, close to your nail’s outer border. Wait for a few minutes for the latex to dry. Once dried, you can now be as messy with your nail paint application as you want. Once done, take a small pair of forceps, gently grab onto a portion of the latex, and peel. Sit back and enjoy the satisfying motion of the latex peeling and leaving you with completely clean fingers. All the spillage goes onto the latex which is later removed. With this hack, anyone can experience different nail colours from Paintbox. Check out the Paintbox website and avail yourself of Paintbox promo codes.

  1. Upper Coat:

What no one wants to experience is getting a fresh manicure and smudging it. Sitting for hours, waiting patiently for one’s nails to turn out pretty, only to have them be ruined. To prevent that, anyone can use this hack. After finishing painting the nails, proceed to coat each nail with a thin upper coat. Being transparent, it won't affect the nail colour in any manner. However, this thin, transparent coat is extremely potent when it comes to protecting the nail beds from outside hazards. With this efficient hack, any nail art enthusiast can freely do nail art with no inhibitions. Head to the Paintbox website to take advantage of the Paintbox discount codes to get affordable nail art supplies. 

  1. Paper Cut out:

For those nail art enthusiasts who like incorporating different shapes into their nail art, this hack is amazing. Start by taking a small piece of paper and cutting the desired shape. You can cut a heart, a geometric shape, etc. Proceed to place the piece of paper with the cut out on the nail. Now, holding the paper still, paint over it in a way that fills the cutout. Next, take off the paper carefully and finish off the look accordingly. This is a very easy way of adding dimension and character to any nail art piece. To explore shapes and patterns in nail art, go onto the official Paintbox website and avail of Paintbox coupon codes to save extra money.

  1. Water Marble:

Another one of the classics, this hack has been around for ages. If you want a cool marble look on your nails, this is it. Start by taking a glass of cold to room temperature water. Pick three or more nail colours of your choice. Add a drop of one nail colour into the water and wait for it to spread. Once spread to about an inch in length, add a different nail colour droplet in the centre of the first one. Wait for it to spread too. Now repeat the process till all the chosen nail colours are visible in the glass. Now take your finger, dunk it deep into the water and bring it up touching the middle of the nail colour path. Wait for the colour to dry and proceed to clean the sides of the fingers. Finish off the look with a strong upper coat and enjoy the beautiful nail art. To explore more colours and create nail art, visit the Paintbox website. Shop using the Paintbox coupons for affordable nail colours. 

Final Words

Nail art is one of the best ways of expressing oneself. The evanescence of each nail art portrays how nothing lasts forever and that life needs to be enjoyed presently. Like any other form of art, nail art also works as a medium to reflect the true self. Nail art hacks are the best way to improve one’s skills and try out new things. There exist countless out-of-the-box hacks to explore for nail art. Use these hacks as a segue into becoming the ultimate nail art god. And for the nail art supplies for the journey, check out Paintbox. It offers a huge variety of nontoxic, sustainable nail paints in a lot of cute and funky colours. Head on to the official Paintbox website and check out the Paintbox deals. Now you can be a baddie on a budget with the best nail art in town!