SCREEN PRINTING and Types of Screen Printing Dallas

Screen Printing consists of a printing process that is carried out from a stencil, in which the ink is pressed through a small sieve onto a substrate.

SCREEN PRINTING and Types of Screen Printing Dallas

WHAT IS SCREEN PRINTING? Screen Printing Dallas

In the graphic industry, there are numerous printing processes. Among them, we can mention the screen printing in Dallas process. For you to better understand this topic, Futura Express has prepared an article explaining everything about serigraphy. 

Screen Printing or Silk-Screen?

There are many questions regarding the use of both terms. Despite having different names, they refer to the same technique, which we will explain below. 

What is Screen Printing?

 Originally, the screens were made with silk, giving the name to the process:

  • Serigraphy: seri (silk) and grafia (write or draw) – in Greek;
  • Silk-screen: silk (silk) and screen (screen) – in English.

Screen printing is mainly used for printing items such as shirts, mugs and posters. In addition, this technique is quite versatile, making it possible to obtain different results. 

Screen Printing in Dalas Process

The serigraphy process consists of the flow of ink through the pressure of a handle or a squeegee, all through a previously prepared silk screen. Therefore, the serigraphic matrix – the screen – is stretched on a frame and engraved using a photosensitive emulsion and placed on photolithography. Subsequently, the screen is placed on a light table.

The dark spots on the photolith refer to the places where the screen will be leaked, allowing the ink to pass through the fabric. On the other hand, the lighter points become impermeable, making it impossible for the ink to pass through.

History of Screen Printing

The origin of screen printing is in the mid-960s and 1270s AD, in prints and engravings in the Dynasty period. Later, Japanese people began to use screen printing to transfer designs onto silk fabrics. 

At the end of the 18th century, serigraphy reached the West. However, it only started to be commercialized during the 20th century, when silk became more accessible and used profitably.

In Europe, serigraphy started to be used for printing on wallpaper made of silk, linen and other fabrics. In addition, Andy Warhol is considered the first to popularize serigraphy as a silk-screen.

Types of Screen Printing in Dallas 

There are 4 types of screen printing that differ greatly from each other. Are they:

Manual Screen Printing 

The oldest screen printing technique and one of the most used, the following steps are required for manual printing:

  • Place the piece that will be stamped on a given base;
  • Arrange the frame on the screen, ensuring that it is not wrinkled, disturbing the design;
  • Deposit and spread the ink throughout the fabric using a spatula, pressing it through;
  • Remove excess paint;
  • Use the drying machine so that the silk dries faster.

Automatic Screen Printing

Although automatic, this type of serigraphy needs a human being to be carried out. This process is done through the following steps:

  • Place the part on the machine base in the correct way;
  • The machine will automatically download the screen and perform the stamping;
  • Wait for the product to dry.

Circular Screen Printing

It is the silk-screening process that is done by means of rollers and rotary presses, used mainly for printing cylindrical objects. Therefore, this process is done as follows:

  • First, it is necessary to obtain a photolithograph;
  • Artwork will be engraved on canvas to be printed;
  • The screen is placed over the sheet to be printed;
  • Ink is applied and spread over the canvas;
  • The ink will pass through the open areas in the mesh, leaving the stamped image.

Devouring Screen Printing

It is the type in which only polyester or cotton fabrics are used. In addition, this process takes its name from its sulfuric acid paint base that “devours” the cotton, creating the effect of transparency in the piece.

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