How Social Media Trends Can Influence Your SEO strategy

By using these social media trends you can easily increase traffic on your social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

How Social Media Trends Can Influence Your SEO strategy
Social Media Influence

Whether you're participating in the latest competition, using popular TikTok music, or creating your twist on a popular recipe, we've all seen that social media trends offer the perfect opportunity to promote brand awareness and expand your social media followers. Get unlimited, REAL TikTok followers from famoid tiktok followers.

Search results that are influenced by trends in social media

If we make an inventory of trends in social media from the past few years and then search for similar terms in Google Trends, we can see a consistent pattern -search results for related terms growing with the time of the trending social media topics becoming in the news. Let's have a look at them.

Little Moons

Tiny Moons Mochi Ice cream has been on the market for a long time, but it wasn't until 2021 that its popularity increased. Thanks to an organic mid-lockdown viral trend triggered by a handful of TikTok creators.

It grew into many Little Moons-themed TikTok videos of users searching for their products and tasting them, and eventually, they generated more than 500 million hits. Tiny Moons was the most sought-after ice cream brand in the UK, and its sales increased by 2,000 percent. Amid the popularity, the brand, product, and related non-branded and retail search results on Google have also increased dramatically, as shown below.

Google Trends graph shows an increase in the number of searches related to "little moons mochi Ice cream" in the week beginning on the 24th of January.
The dramatic drop in searches following the initial surge indicates that the trend has been slowed down, which is the result of the content on social media - whether it's viral or not, being of a limited lifespan. Brands can continue to sustain the momentum by tapping into influencer marketing and launching fresh trends, and reaching new viewers.

Salmon rice from Emily Mariko's

Another example of this Another great example is Emily Mariko, a food and lifestyle content creator. Her left-over Salmon rice "recipe" was a hit on TikTok back in October 2021. She went from 70,000 followers to 7 million followers in two weeks, and all the other salmon rice follow-up videos have accumulated more than 800 million views so far. According to the Google Trends report, people were looking specifically for the Emily Mariko salmon on Google too, which provided plenty of other brands, creators, and media outlets the chance to profit from it because she didn't use those search results in her own.

Google Trends graph displaying an increase in the number of searches related to "Emily the Mariko salmon rice" in the week beginning on the 3rd of October.
 The recent spike in the "Emily Mariko toaster oven" is evident in the searches below. This shows that the power of influencer/REALfluencer marketing shouldn't be underestimated.

Google Trends graph shows an increase in the number of search results for "Emily Mariko's toaster oven" in the week that began on the 12th of December.
Tax for the wealthy
Although this isn't the most popular approach to take, there's no doubt that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's post on her "tax the wealthy" Met Gala dress on Instagram is a highly clever illustration of how a post on social media does not only help sell but also to raise awareness for the cause. On the 14th of September in 2021, when the post was made public, the search results for "tax the wealthy" increased to new levels. Naturally, the media hype around the event gave them an additional boost.

Google Trends graph showing a rapid increase in searches for the term "tax the wealthy" during the week that began on the 12th of September.
What can brands do to take advantage of current social media trends to bring visitors to their websites?

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Recreate popular content

One method to bring your brand into the most relevant occasions is to recreate the most famous piece of content on your company's social media accounts. By adding your twist to it, you'll be able to get your brand's message or product in a highly authentic manner.

The best place to discover trends is on TikTok's discover tab. Trending hashtags and audio can provide you with many ideas for content. Make sure you include an active call in the final paragraph of social media content. Also, include the appropriate link in your profile's bio to redirect users away from the platform and directly to your site.

A screenshot of the discovery tab with the top hashtags #TikTokShortFilm#FitnessTok #Friends.

Create additional content using social media

At the moment, most companies are doing this; however, a lot of creators and brands don't provide additional content that is available on social networks. We've seen that viral social media trends are often broader than the original platforms. Google Trends tells us people are searching for the most popular items on Google to coincide with the trends taking off. It's a missed chance to miss the increase in search traffic due to popular social media trends or organic media mentions of influencers.

Even if your company or brand is not prominently mentioned in the viral article, there are various ways to get your keyword-optimized web content in the new crowd.