Top 4 Tips to Secure Your Online Business

This complete guide will teach you about how you can lock your crucial data and add strict security protocols to secure your online business.

Dec 6, 2022 - 16:34
Feb 15, 2023 - 06:53
Top 4 Tips to Secure Your Online Business
Tips to Secure Online Business

In today’s world, the internet is an important component of any business. The internet is a source of information and a place where people can purchase products. It has become an essential part of our daily lives and the way we do business.

You might want to protect your online presence by securing your data and ensuring that you have some protections in place from hackers trying to steal your information. 

In this article, we will discuss some tips for you to protect your information. Read on!  

1. Register your Trade Mark

A trade mark can be a symbol, word, color, or logo. Having a registered trade mark allows you to prevent others from infringing your intellectual property rights. Registered trade marks are used to distinguish the goods of one company from those of others.

The business name, logo, tagline/slogan, by-line/slap-line, and derivative product names are some examples of the items that most Australian businesses trade mark.

New trade marks, designs, trade secrets, inventions, technical know-how, automation, and processes are all worth protecting. You can secure your online business presence by ensuring you register trade marks for all relevant items.

You can use the trade mark symbol ™ when you want to show that this is your brand, your logo, your tag-line or similar. 

Find out how to use the trade mark symbol here

2. Come up with strong and unique passwords 

A strong password is a code that you can remember, but that no one else can guess. It is important to keep your passwords private and to change them regularly.

It is important to have a strong password because it will protect you from hacking and identity theft. If you have a weak password, someone can easily break into your business account and gain access to important information.

Why not use a free password generator tool to generate a safe, long, and mixed-character password, such as

3. Take the security questions seriously

A security question is a way of verifying your identity online by asking you a question that only you know the answer to. It is also called an authentication factor, which is used in addition to something that only you have access to, like a password.

Security questions are typically used when signing up for something or changing your password with an online service. The most common security questions are:

  • What was your mother's maiden name?

  • What was the name of your first pet?

  • Where did you attend high school?

  • What is the name of your favorite teacher?

While the answers may be basic, you might want to add certain information that you are sure only you know. Extra protection is necessary for any type of business.

4. Be vigilant about phishing emails

Phishing emails are spam emails used to steal personal information and passwords. They are often disguised as legitimate emails from well-known companies like banks in order to fool users into providing their personal information.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce: “During the pandemic, phishing attacks rose 350%. Phishing is one of the most common and successful internet scams, generating $1 trillion more in revenue than Walmart for hackers.”

Phishing emails include:

E-commerce scams

These emails claim to be from online retailers and ask for personal information such as credit card numbers and their expiration dates.

Job scams

These emails claim to be from employers, recruiters, or headhunters. However, they are actually after your personal information such as bank account details, passwords, or social security numbers.

Fake login pages

These fake login pages create a sense of urgency by claiming that the user's account has been compromised or that there is some problem with the account.

Fake invoices

These fake invoices request payment for services never rendered or for goods not delivered.

The best way to protect your business from phishing emails is by learning how they work and what they look like. This will help you identify them before clicking on a link or opening an attachment.

To end…

There are many reasons why you might want to protect your online business. One reason is that you want to keep all of your private information safe from getting into the wrong hands. 

Another is that you want to prevent someone from impersonating you on the internet by using your name or identity for their own benefit. You may choose to try the tips discussed above to protect yourself and your business.