Top 5 Treks In Nepal

Nepal is referred to as the most beautiful country which contains many spectacular treks. We have mentioned some of the most exciting and stunning treks.

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Top 5 Treks In Nepal
Top 5 Treks In Nepal

Nepal is among the most beautiful nations on earth and is often referred to as the "Home of the Most Spectacular Treks in the World. There are many choices to trek in Nepal like Annapurna Circuit, Manaslu Circuit, Everest Base Camp, Nar Phu Valley trek, and many more.

Meanwhile, you can also plan for Pawna Lake Trek.

Let's take a look at the 5 best treks in Nepal These treks are:

Sandakphu Trek

It is also an incredible excursion as it gives beautiful panoramic views of Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse. Sandakphu is the name given to an aconite plant, which is responsible as a poisonous tree, aconite. The path of this incredible hike is lined with variety of Rhododendron which is among the most well-known and popular tourist places to visit. This amazing trek begins around 58 kilometers from Darjeeling and goes through tiny and picturesque villages of Meghma, Tonglu, Tumling, Garibas and Kala Pokhari and then we arrive at the destination i.e. Sandakphu.

Its altitude is around 3636 meters.

Days of trekking between 8 and 9

The best time to trek is from April to May and from October through December

Its difficulty level is moderate to easy.

Its Base Camp is in Mane Bhanjang.

Here are a few of the most affordable Himalayan treks.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

This trek spot is becoming more well-known and accessible after new lodges were set in 2010. The stunning Himalayan trek is filled with highlights like beautiful valleys, mountains of 80000m, and other. The popularity of the hike has grown because of the road construction of the trail. The trek would require an 8 an hour journey from Kathmandu until the start of the trek.

Its altitude is 5106 meters.

Trekking days- 13

The difficulty will range from medium to challenging.

Langtang Trek

It is also one of the most beautiful and enjoyable treks in Nepal. Following the earthquake of 2015, the guesthouse was rebuilt. This breathtaking trail will take us through the stunning forests, to the breathtaking meadows of high alpine and Yak pastures. Yak pastures. The trek will require a 7 an hour journey from Kathmandu towards the start of trail.

Its altitude is approximately 3800 meters.

Trekking days- 7

The difficulty would be simple to moderate.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is also among the top and most thrilling treks you can do in Nepal. The trek of Annapurna is accessible by roads only, and not any other mode of transport So the expense of transport is lower, and food items are also affordable price.

The items for packing that are essential - warm clothing and sleeping bags, as well as equipment for mountaineering and waterproof equipment are the most popular.

Annapurna Base Camp route- 49 km

Its altitude is approximately 4130 meters.

Trekking days- 7

Everest Base Camp

Within Nepal, Everest is very well-known, beautiful and is the ideal destination for trekkers. Mount Everest is considered to be the most awe-inspiring peak on the planet, and there is no other mountain that can match its height. While hiking on Everest Base Camp trek route you can enjoy the amazing and stunning views. Everest Base Camp is harder and also more challenging when compared to other treks. The trek demands the most basic mountaineering abilities because without them, it will be difficult to endure the climb. Mental and physical stabilization is also required to trek through Everest Base Camp. Everest Base Camp route is 150 kilometers.

The mind needs to be prepared prior to long walks lasting seven to eight hours. Certain exercises in walking and running are required to be able to trek in this region due to the fact that the trail is long Everest Base Camp.

The autumn and spring seasons.

Its altitude is around 849 meters.

Trekking days- 12


The following are the top five trekking routes in Nepal. All of the treks mentioned above are challenging, thrilling and demanding. It is recommended that people visit all of the above treks with their loved ones and family. If they want to go on gentle treks, they should go to Nepal. It is recommended to all that in order to trek through any of the above trek spots individuals must learn the fundamental mountaineering techniques as those who do not have this knowledge will not be able to complete the hikes