Understanding Diversity and Inclusion E-Learning | Symmetra

E-Learning is a platform for inclusion skills, that integrates gamification concepts to provide an entertaining experience that encourages to compete.

Sep 14, 2022 - 06:22
Feb 7, 2023 - 04:39
Understanding Diversity and Inclusion E-Learning | Symmetra
Understanding Diversity and Inclusion ELearning | Symmetra

One of the most compelling parts of learning how to be more diverse and inclusive is understanding the dangers of a passive approach. Accepting or simply allowing what happens or what others do without active response or resistance is the definition of being passive. Basically, a bystander in life’s demands and possibilities.

Diversity and inclusion eLearning aims at an awakening. Ethically, morally, and more importantly, a real desire to impact the world proactively in this area. Starting with ourselves, we can see that asserting ourselves in the world is important to achieve transformation.

Moving away from passivity

Diversity and inclusion eLearning does not ask us to be aggressive or even revolutionary in our approach. However, being overly tolerant of a negative status quo or being resigned to the impact of injustice and inequality on ourselves or others is unacceptable. We cannot always wait for others to do the “heavy lifting” when instituting change that will level the playing fields and provide opportunities for all to excel and be accepted for who they are.

Often our passivity flows from our failure to acknowledge the extent of the problems and challenges faced in creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. It is more comfortable to rationalize and defer. Even better, if we can tell ourselves we are not part of the problem so do not need to be part of the solution. Unconscious bias eLearning is effective in allowing us to appreciate we all have blind spots and need to address awareness and understanding continuously, never assuming we do not unintentionally have a limited vision of the experience of others or what they are confronted with daily.

Inclusive leadership demands that we have an unyielding commitment to executing the knowledge acquired during diversity and inclusion eLearning. This means that issues related to diversity and inclusion need to be at the forefront of conversations and communication to keep it at the top of our minds. It is not an underground battle.

Setting change in motion

We need to encourage diverse voices to be heard to facilitate questioning and discussion around policies, procedures, and progress. We cannot afford to assume that our analysis of the status quo and what needs to change is correct. When we seek to create something new that is better for everyone, the foundation must be the culmination of debate and contribution from all. Online diversity training underscores the intrinsic value of consultation, participation, and joint decision-making.

Online diversity training lifts the lid on how, whilst we may acknowledge the disadvantage of others, we are slow to see and believe the full extent of our own privilege. It will be difficult to come to terms with the fact that to create a really diverse and inclusive workplace, we will need to accept a reduction in our privileged positions and lives. This will only be palatable for most when we realize that by giving up some privilege, we gain so much more in other areas that make it all worthwhile.


Inclusive leadership will assert the message that restitutive rebalancing is the only sure way to achieve an environment where everyone is whole and can thrive. It is the task of diversity and inclusion eLearning to remind all of us who enjoy privilege and power that there is a greater onus on us to actively pursue and make choices that clear the way for others to excel. Once we have learned how to be more diverse and inclusive, this becomes not a burden but a privilege in itself.