Why Its Important to Use Bubble Wrap During House Packing

Bubble wrapping is the basic safeguard for all packaging. When you want to make a house move then wrapping keeps your goods safe and secure during transit

Why Its Important to Use Bubble Wrap During House Packing
bubble wrap packing

Bubble wrap provides a basic safeguard for all packaging. It can also make a big difference when you make a house move. It is easy to see why: thicker sheets can help you cushion shocks and bumps from different sources, which can compromise the integrity of your objects. Particularly the most precious. But above all fragile. This is why plastic sheets with air bubbles have been designed. They ensure that any blunt object will find a shock-absorbing cushion upon impact or fall from significant heights. This is all accompanied by polystyrene sheets and foam rubber, which are resistant to two waves. Also, If you are in Whitby, Canada Whitby movers can help you with every type of packing.

Bubble wrap sheets

It has two main uses today:

  • Safe packaging and anti-stress. To release anxiety, many people love to squeeze the bubbles that are found on sheets.
  • The bubble wrap sheets can be used in both situations. This is a great way to reduce stress and protect delicate items. This all-purpose, flexible solution is why it's so important.

How much bubble wrap should I buy?

It is impossible to give an accurate assessment. It all depends on what type of move you are making. It is a good idea to buy lots of wrapping paper so that you have enough to wrap your boxes and ribbons.

It is generally better to purchase the 1x100 format. This is one meter tall by 100 m long. It is possible to buy 1.5m bubble wrap if you have a plan to pack high-height items.

How to choose the right bubble wrap for your move

  • The standard plastic sheet with bubbles is 115g / m2. There are many options for bubble wrap, including ready-made sheets and rolls.
  • The weight is what you need to measure to determine which structure to use, with small bubbles or large bubbles.
  • The size of the bubbles is another important factor. Even though they have lower absorbing power, these sheets can adapt to the object, and protect any corners of plates, glasses, vases, and other fragile items. Bubble sheets are used as fillers in packaging.
  • This expedient makes the sheet's structure more durable and is suitable for heavy usage. To get even greater security and support, you can use cardboard bubble wrap. This is supported by a thicker, more durable background paper.

Are there any particular models of sheets with bubbles?

There are many other options. We can also list 3-layer sheets with central bubbles and smooth sides, which are great for safe moves. The antistatic bubble wrap for electronics is another option. You can also find bags or containers in special formats, as well as plastic sheets and rolls.

How to use bubble wrap as packaging

Use a sheet of paper and bubbles to wrap your items before you put them in the cardboard box. To give protection, a model using small standard bubbles can be used. The model will be placed inside the box, with all spaces filled with foam rubber and polystyrene. You might also use a larger bubble wrap.

Adhesive labels

Important information to keep in mind: The white bubble wrap is the default model. However, the red (or pink), one has antistatic properties for packaging electronic equipment. This material is resistant to the accumulation of electric energy from rubbing. You can transfer your computers, televisions, and stereos seamlessly to your digital universe.

Packaging help

It all depends on the type of move that you choose. There are DIY options that will involve you personally in the preparation of your packages. You can also choose to outsource all of your package prep work to professionals like Perfect Timing Moving. You can then focus on what is most important to you, even during such delicate phases.