Wonderful ideas to decorate your dining room

Home is the best representation of someone's choices and standards. A right and proper way to decorate can make a simple house looks more attractive.

Wonderful ideas to decorate your dining room
dining room

A place for meals and sharing, the dining room is a major part of the house. We meet there with family and receive friends to share good meals. It is therefore essential to take care of your decoration to make it even more welcoming! From wonderful ideas for decorating your dining room, to completely modernizing its look, warm up its atmosphere by implementing some of the decorative ideas by Prashmi Interio suggested here.

Opt for an open dining room

If the design of your home allows it, limit the separations between rooms and opt for an open dining room. This solution makes this space more convivial by allowing people gathered around the table to share the discussion with those in the kitchen. You will also move more easily between these two inseparable parts.

Place a mat

Installing a rug under the dining room table is the perfect solution to warm up the atmosphere of the room. Chosen in an ethnic style, it will make the room even more welcoming and warm. Graphic patterns and color contrasts will make the table and chairs stand out more and make the whole thing more harmonious.

Choose mismatched chairs

Instead of choosing chairs that coordinate and match the table, or even the rest of the furniture, prefer to furnish your dining room with mismatched chairs. Colors, materials, styles, and shapes can be mixed to give a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to the room. Let your desires do the talking by simply choosing chairs that you really like.

Think about the bench

While the dining room table is usually surrounded by chairs, consider replacing them with a bench, preferably wooden. You can opt for two benches, one on each side of the table, or just one side for more modernity. The bench plays the card of conviviality by recalling the country style and family tables, simple and warm.

Invite the plants

Warm up your dining room by incorporating plants. Mix the species to obtain a lively and diversified result. Similarly, arrange plants in various places in the room: on the sideboard, on a shelf, or by hanging a plant hanging above the dining room table.

Light up the room

To create a warm ambiance in your dining room, start by placing a pendant light above the table. You can opt for a luminaire in length, so that everyone can enjoy its lighting, or preferably two or three suspensions that will overhang the extent of the table in the same way.

Dress the walls

There's nothing like dressing the walls of your dining room to warm up the atmosphere of the room. Depending on your tastes, you can opt for frames, paintings, wall weavings, or family photos. You can vary the styles and sizes for a warm and trendy style.

Colour a wall

Bring warmth to your dining room by painting or wallpapering a wall with an assertive colour: blue, yellow, or green in particular are trendy colours that will bring personality and pep to the room. However, prefer to color only one of the walls in the room, preferably behind the dining room table, for a successful effect.

Finally, do not hesitate to bring contrast by dressing the other walls in white and opting for a few accessories chosen in a contrasting colour.

Pare a brick wall

Whether you opt for real bricks or an effect wallpaper, brick is the ideal material to bring warmth to a room. It will give character to your dining room while making it more welcoming and authentic. As for the choice of color, it is up to you to decide whether you prefer the natural brick colour or the more modern black or white brick.

Adopt the rustic style

The rustic style decoration is always synonymous with warmth and a cocooning atmosphere. To adopt it in your dining room, opt for furniture incorporating wood, in a more classic style.

In order to stay in modernity, mix wood with metal and prefer open furniture that will lighten the decoration of the room.

Bet on pastel

The pastel shades immerse the room in a soft and soothing universe. Thus, scatter in your dining room various accessories chosen in pastel tones: curtains, suspensions, chairs…

As for the colors, do not hesitate to mix them to obtain a current decoration: yellow, green, pink, and grey blend perfectly and warm up the atmosphere of the room in the blink of an eye.

The right reflexes to revamp an outdated dining room

As time passes, like trends, all decoration needs to be refreshed to stay in tune with the times. The good news is you can also modernize your dining room which is not that complicated: to give a nice fresh look to the room, just proceed step by step!


We accumulate, we stack, we collect, and the dining room is transformed over the years into an exotic flea market. To freshen up an outdated dining room, start by decluttering to purify! The goal? Find a feeling of space, let the light circulate and eliminate excessively marked objects that age the decor.

Revise the colors

The second step is the color balance. Has the dining room palette aged badly? If the walls sport marked colors chosen twenty years earlier, no doubt.

  • We plan to repaint everything in white, grey, or beige for neutral colors. Another option is natural, soft, and trendy greens.
  • If the room is already neutral and seems dated and lacking in character, on the contrary, paint an accent wall in a bold color, from black to Klein blue via emerald green.

Renew the accessories

  • This is usually the easiest way to modernize a dining room without changing everything and without breaking the bank: replace accessories that have aged with more contemporary variants.
  • We start with the curtains if there are any, choosing a new adornment with graphic patterns, neutral colors, or why not Japanese panels.
  • We then move on to the lighting, replacing the old chandelier with a designer suspension.
  • We do not forget the wall decoration, with new frames, new paintings, a wall of mirrors or even panoramic wallpaper.
  • If there is carpet, one wonders if it does not age the room and if it deserves to be replaced or simply removed.
  • We end with trinkets, mixing old and modern to mix styles, but without overloading.

Refresh the furniture

  • An old wooden dining table can be sanded down, an old-fashioned stained table can be repainted black or white, and for DIY, you can also replace an old tabletop or legs with a wooden board. raw or metal legs.
  • Another idea? The dining room chairs are mismatched by integrating mottled seats and modern pieces unless you replace several chairs with a bench.
  • As for Grandma's old sideboard, a coat of paint, new legs, and new handles are enough to transform it!

Change materials

The materials also follow the trends. As a result, there are those that age the decor and those that modernize it easily.

If the dining room incorporates plaster, lace, varnished wood, dark paneling, or very vintage textiles, it is better to revisit them. Roughcast is scratched, paneling is painted or removed, lace is replaced and varnished wood is sanded or contrasted with light colors.

Conversely, integrating trendy materials helps to modernize the decor, whether carpets, objects or furniture: we focus on raw wood, natural fibers, glass and concrete, metal and resin, for example!


The decorative ideas for the dining room are not lacking! Try out the above-suggested ideas for a welcoming and personalized dining room, ideal for entertaining friends and family around a good meal.