Word World- an easy way to learn English and Amazing hacks – a gift for students

If you’re a student and wasting time on usual activities, you should do something productive. Word world can help you learn English in easy ways.

Word World- an easy way to learn English and Amazing hacks – a gift for students
Word World- an easy way to learn English and Amazing hacks – a gift for students

There has been a long-standing belief that English is the first global language. Every aspect of the modern world is characterized by the English language. In addition to communication, science, information technology, entertainment, and so on, it has always been an international language.

While English is an easy and accessible language, it can be difficult to learn fast, especially when 750,000 words and spelling rules can challenge even the most skilled learners. It doesn't have to be if you have a successful strategy.

Learn English quickly by following these tips:

It is our effort to educate people and the best gift for students.

Get as much information as you can

It doesn't matter if it's in English or not: read classic literature, paperbacks, magazines, websites, email, social media feeds, and cereal boxes. The reason? Certainly, this content will introduce you to some basic vocabulary, as well as introduce you to some of what you already know. As a result, you are able to reinforce vocabulary in your memory quickly as supplementary examples in context reinforce the vocabulary you have learned. A language like English, which has so many words, requires you to build your vocabulary arsenal by learning additional words and expressions. However, you must go beyond just reading - you need to... 

Learn new vocabulary in an active manner

Classic tips are classics for a reason: they work! The pleasure of learning a new word or phrase often makes it impossible for us to forget it. You might not get it right the first time, but trust us, not everything sticks. Using a tool like Evernote or carrying a funky notebook can help you fight this issue. Keep a dictionary handy to record new words or expressions you come across in context: that is, write them in sentences with their meanings noted.It is very useful to you because it is a time saver and you can find it easily.

Engage in real-time conversations with real people

If not to communicate, what is the purpose of a language? It's true that we human beings have become expert communicators without speaking - thanks to Whatsapp! The truth is, speaking a language helps it stick in your head much better than reading or writing it. A lot of people who wish to learn English turn talking into an insurmountable barrier that only serves to frighten them. It seems like it's common for someone to say, "I understand, but I can't speak English." Do not be that person. Learn a foreign language by speaking to native speakers, taking a course, or taking an online course.

Follow English-language podcasts and YouTube channels

Do you like Politics? Cooking? Vlogging? No matter your interests, there's an English-speaking podcast or Youtube channel for you. During the commute to school or work, subscribe to a few and listen to them while driving. Stay with it, and you'll soon become proficient at understanding native accents (as well as learning new vocabulary!).

Youtube makes our life easier. It is an amazing gift for students. You can easily learn anything from it.

Explore the world

We'd love to know if there's a better way to learn English than to live and study in an English-speaking country! You can choose your ideal learning environment based on your hemisphere, weather, or favorite city, as English is the most widely-spoken language in the world. For a few examples, think Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Canada, and South Africa!

Take advantage of your friends

Do you have friends who post on social media in English? Keep an eye on what they share on your newsfeed, and try to explore one or two items every day. You'll learn useful things if they're in English, about topics you're interested in, and if they're in English!

Friends are gifts from God. If someone has good and supportive friends in his life, no one can stop him.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

A language learner's curiosity helped her to fluency as well! Your questions will pile up as you learn English. Never put off resolving your doubts - be curious! Your teacher should be able to answer such questions (after all, they are there to help). Nonetheless, if you are studying alone, don't worry: you can find answers on blogs or language websites, ask other people, or browse forums. Invest in yourself, you won't regret it!

Let the stars guide you

Take advantage of native English speakers by watching or listening to them. You can watch some of their interviews online! Once you've seen the video once, take notes on any words and expressions that take your attention. These interviews are sure to give you plenty of slang, stories, humor, and anecdotes to work with!

Identify your real needs first

When you keep reminding yourself of your motives for learning, your English studies will go much more quickly. Planning a study exchange? You should then concentrate on vocabulary that is relevant to your studies. Attending a conference abroad? Learn how to start a conversation with the other participants. Are you planning on taking a gap year? The words you need to know about travel and tourism will serve as your guide. You're likely to become confused and burned out if you try to learn English all at once. This leads us to...

Embrace your defeat instead of kicking yourself

All learners experience feeling like they aren't making progress at some point. Do not say "I don't speak English," or "I'll never understand this." Get rid of these phrases. As a result, you're only left confused about your progress and convinced that you can't achieve your dreams of speaking English well. Remind yourself that you're learning English and improving each day through phrases such as "I'm improving daily," "It's not easy, but it's worth it," and "I'm much better than I was six months ago."


  • Don't stop reading.
  • Dictionary usage is recommended
  • Let your voice be heard
  • Picture what you see
  • Take note of context clues.
  • Make a sentence out of the word.
  • Language apps are available for download.
  • Learn new words daily
  • Pronunciation can be improved by using online translators.
  • Engaging in active listening.
  • It is important to read often and to read aloud.
  • Get together with friends and practice.
  • You can find synonyms online by using a dictionary.
  • Get a fix on movies, cartoons, and television shows.
  • English can be learned by reading
  • Do not give up. Keep trying.

And don’t remember PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT! Keep the focus on your goal.I hope you have no difficulty in English speaking and learning if you follow the above tips The main purpose of my article is to tell you English is not hard to understand or learn it’s all about you my friend. This article is a special gift for students that thinks learning English is very difficult.