How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost?

You might be confused about picking the right skateboard as it has great variety. Knowing in mind what makes a skateboard unique, helps you a lot.

How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost?

If you're new to skateboarding, there are two factors to consider:

  1. The frequency at which you'll be using your skateboard.
  2. Look at the kind of skateboard those appeals to you.
  3. You can design a high-quality set-up that aligns with your financial budget's needs.

A good skateboard costs $170. There are other options offered at a fraction of the price. The price of decks and wheels, trucks, and bearings are based on their brand and the materials they are constructed of. There are a variety of alternatives available and crucial things to think about.

Different Types of Skateboards

You might be wondering what skateboard will suit your needs. There are many kinds of skateboards that you can pick depending on the style you prefer or the reason you intend to make use of them. There are a few of them:

1. Cruiser Boards

Cruiser boards feature decks with shorter lengths. In keeping with its name, it is an excellent board for cruising around streets or flat areas. It is perfect for carving and fast turns. It's not recommended for beginners because it's not stable enough as opposed to the long boards.

2. Long boards

Long board decks are 36 from 42 to 36 inches and 8.5 inches to 10 inches the width. These are designed intended for longer journeys. They are ideal for downhill racing or cruising. This model is perfect for those new to the sport due to its stability and dependability.

3. Old School Skateboards

The skateboards of the past are great for use in skate pools, ramps, or carving in streets. The board features a distinctive deck with a shape that resembles a fishtail. It is vintage-looking. Additionally, older decks include graphics and designs that make them look attractive. The size of the board is significant too.

4. Mini Skateboards

Mini skateboards are designed for kids who enjoy skating. They are tiny in dimensions ranging from 6.75 inches to 7.25 inches in width. Children can also learn how tricks on this tiny board. Kids can begin riding with a miniature board at first.

5. Mini Cruisers

The type of skateboard described above is primarily intended to cruise. It is, of course, smaller than miniature skateboards. However, it comes with larger and more comfortable wheels. It's not possible to do tricks and sprint downhill on this board.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Skateboard?

The most common element that determines the price of the cost of a skateboard is as follows:

1.      Skateboard Quality

2.      Brand name of the skateboard

3.      The material that is used to make skateboards.

4.      The skateboard's design

5.      The size of the skateboard

6.      Location of purchase for the skateboard

What is the price average of skateboards?

What is the price of an appropriate good skateboard that sets you back? A skateboard will cost between $75 to $150, dependent on how well the components you pick. The best features can make up the cost you pay for your board. Other prices include skate parks, shoes, protective gear, and clothes.

Why is skateboarding so expensive?

Skateboarding is costly because the hidden cost is there. The most expensive part of skateboarding is the decks and shoes, which must be replaced every couple of months. The recent price hike means that skateboarding is more costly.


Now you have all the information you need to know about the cost of purchasing a brand new skateboard! Be aware that you'll need to experiment with different sizes, types of products, and brands. It will take some trial and error before you can find what you like best as you progress on your skating.