How To Invest In Stock Market At Right Time?

Investing in stock at right time can help you achieve your goal. Purchase share at low cost and sell them when their demand is high.

How To Invest In Stock Market At Right Time?
Invest In Stock Market

Whether you are a new investor or an experienced one, the timing to invest in the stock market remains a mystery. With mobile apps for trading platforms, investing is a few clicks away. Investors can generate high returns from the market, provided they make informed decisions and do not blindly follow a particular trend or a tip.

Investment apps nowadays give a detailed view of the fundamental and technical analysis of a particular stock. Apps also provide an understanding of the prevailing market conditions and trends. It helps to research the stock and the company. Research forms an integral part of investing process as an appropriate selection can provide expected returns.

When to invest in shares?

An investment in shares can be opted for when the prices are low for a particular company, and the shares are to be purchased in more quantities. The prices of shares may fall, but soon the share prices are expected to rise as the company grows and expands. The shares with high prices may or may not have exponential growth. A no-brokerage app helps to reduce the cost of investing in markets.

Undervalued stocks of companies have a high growth potential if a company is planning to expand its business operations. A fundamentally sound company with an undervalued stock can yield significant profits if invested at early stages.

Favorable Conditions for Investing

There are indicators in the market that represent stock movement. These may help you to decide when the stocks should be bought. These moving indicators have a price bandwidth that represents, the highest and the lowest prices of stocks. You must follow news about the shares you invest in. A stock with good reviews and dividend payouts is expected to rise higher in the near future.

Days and hours you can follow to maximize profit

Intraday traders buy and sell stock to book profits within the same day. It is a tedious task to follow the market continuously and look for any trends or changes. It may cause confusion and lead to incorrect trading. The volatility and trading volume usually drop after the first 90 minutes of the day.

There are seasoned players in the market, and they tend to manipulate the prices and trends of a stock. If the graphs are turned around, it leaves no room for the beginner to experiment.

The stock market opens at 9.15 AM, and the traders are still processing and responding to the news and activities of the previous day. This time can be avoided by beginners. The best time starts from 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM, and if markets need to be studied and observed to make more informed decisions you can wait until 11 AM.

It is a common practice for new investors to buy on Monday and sell stocks on Friday. It is based on the fact that prices are lowest on Mondays and high on Fridays. But unfortunately, there is no standard best day in the week to yield high profits.

Timing the market

Most of the investors who have earned good returns from investing in the market do not advocate the strategy of timing the market. It involves anticipating any corrections in the market and responding to them by trading. But, the markets do not frequently move as expected, and this might result in losses for the investor.

Top Features Of Your Online Trading Account

Why is opening a trading account essential?

Through a trading account, you can place buy and sell orders smoothly. You get a trading platform that provides you access to the securities offered by the stock exchanges. It also allows you to track the prices of multiple stocks in real time by creating a watchlist. A trading account is mandatory to buy securities irrespective of whether you participate in futures and options, intraday trading, delivery trading, etc.

Earlier, stock trading used to take place manually through the stock exchanges. The traders and investors had to rely on brokers who would execute the trades on their behalf. However, this open outcry trading system has been completely replaced by an electronic trade settlement process. A trading account is the key component of the electronic trade settlement process as it negates the need of placing orders via an agent or broker. The online Demat account opening procedure allows you to open a trading account simultaneously without the need of submitting extra forms and documents. The significance of a trading account can be understood by the below points:

Convenient for trading

You can log in to your trading account and participate in trading online from the remotest part of the world. You just need a mobile or laptop and an internet connection to access the benefits of online trading. It ensures that you don't miss out on trading opportunities while traveling or visiting other parts of the world.


We can conclude that spending a lot of time watching screens and following the market can actually be counterproductive. On the other hand, proper research using indicators and tools, and following the news can lead to a profitable approach to trading.