How To Make DIY Curtain Rods For Less Than $10?

Buying new curtain rods for your home or office can be expensive, but you can make perfect and attractive rods at home without investing a lot of money.

How To Make DIY Curtain Rods For Less Than $10?

Today we will discuss DIY Curtain Rods that are good and inexpensive to the extent that they will cost less than $10. You haven’t thought about making such superior quality DIY Rods at home with little cost. Now, it’s time to learn how you can customize your curtain rods according to your home's interior appearance.

Things You Need to Make Your Own DIY Curtain Rod

It is a simple and easy process. You’ll require only a few things to make your own rod at home. All the supplies are mentioned below:

  • 1 Wood Mandrel - $4
  • 10x10 inches casting leather - $5
  • Screws, hammer, and nails (Anchors if needed) - $0.55
  • Black plastic or Brass end caps for screws - $0.68
  • 220 Grit Sandpaper
  • Wood Paint
  • Finials (If required)

Required Tools For This Processing

This entire process requires only two tools, that are:

  • Drill or Screwdrivers (Depends upon what is easily available )
  • Scissors to cut things

Steps to Assemble Wood & Leather Curtain Rods

No one could have thought that assembling your own curtain poles at home would be easy. But the procedure I’m about to show you is the simplest way to prepare your own DIY curtain rods. The various steps involved in making curtain bars at home are enlisted below:

1. Choose a Dowel Bar

Choose a dowel bar that is a little longer than your window’s width. It will help to adjust your wall curtains to the side of the window and will also impart an enchanting finish to the curtain pole. The longer-length bar will allow the drapes to frame the window.

2. Cut the Rivet/Dowel Bar to a Specific Length

Cut the dowel pole or wood mandrel (whichever you're using) to the length of your window. It will also depend on the type of room in which you are planning to make a curtain rod. such that for the dining room, it is best to choose a 96-inch wood mandrel. Divide the mandrel in half and trim both sides to equal length.

3. Smoothen Your Curtain Bar with Sandpaper

For this purpose, use 220 grit sandpaper and make your rod smoother to let the curtains slide in and out with ease. The process takes a couple of minutes and will remove the roughened edges of the mandrel.

4. Cut the Leather to Wrap Around The Dowel Rod

Now precisely, cut the leather into 2 pieces and a length that perfectly wraps around the curtain bar with an additional 2 inches of space around each end.

5. Determine the Rod Length & Mark It

It means calculating the rod length against the wall where you want your curtain bar to hang. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the leather straps will be placed higher than the curtain rod itself. Mark off that point for the leather straps to hang against the wall.

6. Make Nail Holes In the Leather Strap

Now, it is time to punch or drill nail holes in the leather straps to make them hang against the wall. Your curtain rod will be placed inside these leather straps for holding purposes. Use a drill machine or punch machine to make nail holes in the straps. 

Measure 1 inch from each side of the strap end and mark some point at that place. Now join the ends together and drill or punch the holes in both ends at the same time (such an act will ensure the perfect alignment of holes in the strap).

7. Nail the Straps To Hang Them

Now, use a hammer to nail the leather strap against the wall to hang it. Make sure that the straps are properly nailed to the wall and are not loose. This is to ensure that the strap can support the weight of the rod, which has to balance the curtains.

8. Secondary Customization

It specifically depends upon your interests and is not a basic step in the curtain rod manufacturing procedure. You can paint your curtain rod according to the color of your drapery for customization purposes. Such an act will make your curtain rod look beautiful.

You can also add finials to cap the ends of your customized curtain rod to intensify its appearance. Adding the latest styles of finials will make your curtain rod look modern and fashionable. Shining finials act as an eye-catcher for your curtain rod and will impart an appealing look to your curtain rod set.

9. Hang the Curtains

Finally, after all the hard work, you can add curtain/drapes to your curtain bar. The rings are mostly used for this purpose. Put rings on the curtain rod and within the curtains to hang them efficiently. It will also aid in sliding the curtains along the length of the window.

The additional length of the poles on the sides of the window will help to frame the curtains. Now, your curtains will look beautiful. Either you can tie them up along the sides or hang them in front of the window.

To Sum Up

We hope now you can make your DIY curtain rods at home with ease by following this simple guide. It is a budget-friendly and effective method for your home curtains. It requires some tools and supplies to help you make your own DIY curtain rods at little expense. No one needs a professional when one can customize and manufacture their own curtain rods at home.

Why should you pay extra when you can make your own curtains at home for only ten bucks? It is a simple, cheap, and time-saving procedure that can produce beautiful curtain rods for your home.