10 Tips To Help You Best Maintain Your Boat

It is important to maintain your boat to increase the life period of the boat and avoid any incidents. Find the best tips that are helpful to maintain boat

Sep 13, 2022 - 10:07
Feb 6, 2023 - 06:17
10 Tips To Help You Best Maintain Your Boat
10 Tips To Help You Best Maintain Your Boat

It's important to maintain your boat for many reasons. A poorly maintained boat will have a short life and high maintenance costs. Also, a neglected boat could threaten your safety and others. To get the best out of your boat and ensure you remain safe while going for a ride, below are tips to help you best maintain the boat.

1. Wash Your Boat

Wash your boat down after every use and dry it completely. Use clearwater, as it will always pass through a clean hull more efficiently than one that is dirty and moldy. Drying your boat well after use will also prevent mildew and mold growth. Cleaning will always protect the bottom of your boat, keeping it soft and smooth.

Your hull should be cleaned and waxed at least twice a year. You can use a cleaning brush to remove any debris that may be stuck in your boat's bottom. If your boat is not very dirty, you can use silicone or wax sealant to keep it looking nice.

2. Clean and Lubricate All Swivels

It's important to keep all your boat's mechanical and electrical equipment clean and lubricated for safe operation. You can clean the motor and equipment by washing with mild detergent to prevent fouling. Also, use an electric grease gun to professionally apply grease to each mechanical section.

3. Keep Your Hull Safe With a Protector

Properly securing your dock lines to prevent damage to the wooden hull is important. To prevent the lines from damaging your boat, apply a polyurethane or polyester coating on your boat's bottom. It is also important to ensure you have properly secured your ropes and lines when not in use.

4. Checks and Restorations

It's also important to check and restore any cracks, holes, or damages on your boat's hull. A cracked hull may be visible, and while holes may be small, they can still cause your boat to leak. It is also important to ensure that all bolts on your boat are tight and secure.

5. Keep Your Deck Clean

Keeping your deck clean will prevent mildew on the wood and give your boat a more polished look. These tips are worth considering how much time and money you will save by maintaining your boat.

Don't limit maintaining your boat to these five tips; you may also try the following:

6. Repair and Replace Damaged Parts

When necessary, maintain your boat by repairing or replacing any damaged parts. You can replace cracked hulls and the wooden deck with composite materials and repair any ripped or rusted areas.

7. Get Insurance

It's also important to get insurance for your boat. This is necessary if you travel with your boat, as it will help cover any expenses caused by unexpected incidents. You can also learn more about any additional insurance you might need for your boat by talking to an expert about your needs.

8. Check the Oil Level

Checking and changing the oil in your boat is also very crucial to keep it running at its best. Always check your boat's oil level before you leave on a ride or trip. If you fail to change or top up the oil, you could damage vital engine parts and systems.

Also, use the correct fuel for your boat's engine, prolonging the motor's life and making it run better. It's also important to have sufficient oil to lubricate the engine and keep it functioning properly.

9. Check the Battery Each Season

Checking and servicing your boat's battery is a great way to ensure it works properly and can be charged quickly. If your battery has run out, you can always replace it with a new one.

10. Consider an Extended Warranty

Some boating experts recommend purchasing extended warranties. It would help if you considered this as it protects your boat and makes it last much longer. When choosing the right type of warranty, you should look for the complete coverage possible.

Bonus: Boost Performance and Prolong Its Life

There are many things you can do to boost your boat's performance. You can install a new, higher-power motor, add a larger outboard or find more efficient propellers. You should also replace old, worn-out belts and hoses if they don't work properly.

It's also important to store your boat well when it is not used for long. Store it in a garage or a well-ventilated area to prevent mildew and mold growth. You may also want to ensure the boat is not too close to any objects or walls.

Bottom Line

These tips help you maintain your boat and keep it performing at its best. If you are unsure about boat maintenance and repairs, always contact a professional near you.