Must-Dos If You Travel to Madeira

The autonomous region of Portugal is Madeira. If you’re planning to visit the world's best places, then don’t forget to add Madeira to the list.

Must-Dos If You Travel to Madeira
Must-Dos If You Travel to Madeira

Madeira, often referred to as the "Hawaii of Europe," is a land filled with many opportunities for tourists. However, if you plan on visiting Madeira, there are things you must do before you leave. Not doing these things is tantamount to not fully enjoying the island's full potential. Madeira is a volcanic island off the coast of Morocco known for its lush forests, breathtaking beaches, and reliable sunshine.

A small island though it may be, Madeira offers many amazing things that may cause you to extend your vacation. However, if you only have a few days to spend there, you can still hit the highlights and feel satisfied. Plus, good news for crypto enthusiasts. So, if you've got plans to visit Madeira in 2023, below are some of the best things to do.

Don't Miss the Pico do Arieiro Sunset

Sunset at Pico do Arieiro is one of the beautiful sights no tourist in Madeira should miss. Being the third highest peak on Madeira, Pico do Arieiro is a must-see when the clouds form a layer between the world below and you. This location's downside is highly prone to thick fog, with high risks of near-zero visibility. If you want to see the sunrise and set here, the best time to travel to Madeira is in a clear period.

Check Out the Breathtaking Traditional Houses at Santana

The traditional houses at Santana were built by some of the place's early inhabitants. They are small, triangular houses with thatched roofs worth seeing at the Casas típicas de Santana, Northeast Madeira. At the cultural site are several houses, with some you can enter, including a small flower shop and the tourism office. You don't have to pay a dime to view the houses, and you're free to hang around for thirty to forty-five minutes.

Visit the "Cold Brook"

The "Cold Brook" is an English translation of one of the most iconic places in Madeira, Ribeiro Frio. Ribeiro Frio is a natural park that you can find when looking out over the Vereda dos Balcões. Its mountains are covered in thick forest, and you can see out to the sea when there's no mist. However, you should know that the place is prone to mist and cloud cover, so check visibility before driving through.

Take Pictures of the Waterfall at 25 the Fontes Hike

The 25 Fontes hike is arguably the most popular hike on Madeira Island but one of the best things to do. The 25 Fontes hike is especially ironic because of its several waterfalls and flat topography in the valley. You will see many amazing things as you hike, including gorgeous wildflowers, birds, and a peaceful Levada stream, which is perfect for working remotely in some hotels nearby. I remember one of our colleagues went there on his business trip and he called us to have a high quality picture without any ads and he was showing us the most beautiful views on the online meeting. It had many railings for close-by drop-offs, a well-maintained path, and a delicate waterfall with fish swimming below.

Watch Whales and Dolphins by Boat

If you visit Madeira between April and October, you're just in time to watch whales; you can watch dolphins anytime. So, anytime you visit Madeira, you will see this incredibly rare sight from a boat while seeing the island differently. However, if you want a chance to tour the island, you'll need to book at least three days in advance. Boats are some of the best rides for a Madeira Island trip, particularly if you want to see and connect with nature.

Visit Monte Palace

Monte palace is one of the world's best botanical gardens, and it is located in Funchal, north of Madeira. The botanical gardens are only about 70,000 square meters, sizable enough to take as many pictures as you want, lots of people also apply for a job there, as they want to work in such a beautiful place. Many of the gardens in this location are inspired by traditional Japanese gardens, which are similar. If you love nature or visit botanical gardens when you travel, this is a recommended place to visit.

Skywalk at Europe's Highest Cliff

The highest cliff in Europe and the second-highest sea cliff in the world, Cabo Girão, is the perfect place for a skywalk. If you're not afraid of heights, you will have fun at this location. However, you can still visit if you're afraid of heights; the views from this vantage point are awesome. You don't need to pay fees to enter the Cabo Girão, and there's a café nearby where you can get drinks.

Snorkel at Garajau Nature Reserve

Garajau Nature Reserve is a massive protected area in Madeira designed to protect the integrity of the seabed and prevent desertification. The reserve is located East of Funchal and is the ideal place for snorkeling and diving. As you snorkel and dive, don't miss the sight of the tons of fish and aquatic wildlife around you. Rare aquatic species like Atlantic Manta Rays and other coastal species are present in abundance here.

Enjoy Great Espatadas at Restaurante O Polar

Restaurante O Polar serves one of the most heavenly meals in Madeira, Epatadas, beef skewers served on a spit. The beef skewers are drenched in garlic butter and served with fresh-cut fries, and they only cost about 12 euros per person. The Restaurante O Polar is one of the best Madeira restaurants to visit when you're there, with many more dishes to try.

Madeira undoubtedly makes for a great vacation destination with many places to sightsee. However, we recommend moving with a tour guide who will show you how to travel around Madeira. You know where to go and get there with a tour guide, and you're less likely to get stranded.