Perfect Facebook Ads Strategy to grow your business

A perfect facebook ad strategy can help you grow your business according to your plans and to reach maximum audience for desirable outcomes.

Perfect Facebook Ads Strategy to grow your business
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Facebook Ads is one of the best platforms for growing your business. Facebook boasts more than one billion active users, and, likely, your ideal customers are already on Facebook. Everyone is saying it's Facebook Ads is a fantastic platform. Still, the majority of business owners who want to market their products on Facebook are burned on their fingers due to their lack of knowledge about navigating the marketing funnel properly.

Business with Facebook Ads

Businesses' most frequent mistake with Facebook Ads is advertising their products and services. This may surprise you as if you're not promoting your products or services, what do you promote? This article will provide the necessary information if you read it to the very end.

Contrary to Google Ads, your potential clients aren't at the stage of buying from your company. The process of going to Google to search for something is just like going into a shop and looking for something particular. Anyone who has decided to buy something will go to a site and ensure that they can find what they want. Google Ads works like yellow pages. It helps you find customers who are searching for specific keywords. I'll explain how Google Ads works in a different article, but we will concentrate specifically on Facebook Ads for this post.

Promoting your services and products on Facebook

Promoting your services and products on Facebook is similar to going to a bar where people hang out with their family and friends and interrupting them by offering something you need to sell. But unfortunately, the majority of them will not respond in a timely manner.

If you can't promote what you are trying to offer via Facebook, what else can you do? 

On Google, you can find potential eager buyers searching for something particular. On Facebook, you'll be able to access a huge number of people, but the majority of them will be an uninterested audience for your company. This means that no one is likely to be willing to purchase your services or products; however, this does not mean that they will not be interested in your offerings in the near future.

With Facebook, you'll be able to attract your audience's attention at an initial stage in the funnel. You can promote your content and use your content to turn an uninterested audience into an inviting audience before expecting customers to buy something from you.

I've spent more than $100,000 on Facebook Ads, and I have not directly publicized my digital marketing education course. My digital marketing course that is premium (The Digital Marketing Internship Program), is advertised only to my network and on the people on my list of email addresses. The community I am in is already warm due to the value I have provided through free content.

On Facebook, I've only promoted my free course in digital marketing which includes 25 videos. I've been charged $0.30 or $0.35 to convert according to the average. I have received greater than 300.000 leads. There aren't any promotions listed on this list in the last few weeks. I offer 25 free videos for two months. The audience is transformed from a cold, uninterested crowd that doesn't know me to an enthusiastic audience that gets to the point of buying my products.

The content is sent through an email drip program, and, for those first seven days, there isn't any promotion. The only thing I offer is value. I will have a 20 percent promotion and an 80% value in the second week. The 10% typically consists of testimonials from my students and student stories. Success stories are usually stories with an ethereal sales pitch, making people think that I am a top training program.

Leads through Facebook

When my leads move through the drip sequence, I also use retargeting ads that directly showcase success stories through Facebook ads. In addition to driving people toward the story, ads are also a source of additional traffic to my site and improve the open rate of my emails due to stronger brand recognition through the ads.

The typical time frame that it takes for 90% of leads to be converted, removed from your list, or be an unreachable audience for the rest of their lives is three months or 90-days. Unfortunately, some individuals try to outdo this approach by not advertising something for three months, and, in these instances, it can be difficult to earn a return on the leads you've created through spending money for them.

As leads move throughout sending emails, the vigor of my marketing gets more aggressive. I also send them to my sales web pages, live webinars, and even workshops. I offer free webinars to my customers, and they usually run over 90 minutes. Within that timeframe, 60 minutes is valuable, while 30 minutes is an advertisement.

Leads who go through the drip sequence change through the drip sequence from cold. Prospects who are part of my free value webinar will go from hot prospects to warm within 60 minutes due to the huge value creation that takes place. After the offer is accepted and sales begin coming in, the company starts paying back the leads that I've created for the course for free.

It is important to be patient in the game. Instead of relying on sales to be immediate, taking the time to establish a relationship with your target audience and gain their trust by offering the value they need, they'll follow up with purchases later on in the road.

A small percentage of customers who purchase will pay for all of the leads you've generated and, hopefully, make a profit for you. However, at the same time, it is good to know that since you've created value for the other 95% of the interested people, they are not going to be able to unsubscribe. They will continue looking at you, and eventually, they'll end up becoming customers sooner or later. Even if they don't purchase your items, they will appreciate the value you offer and may post your content to their social media pages, which could bring in new customers for free.


That's it. Avoid advertising your services and products on Facebook. Instead, promote your content and draw your audience to your site as flowers draw bees by their nectar.

Your email list, along with an internet-based community (which could have been Facebook groups), is the best way to turn your cold customer into a hot one. With just an amount of patience and persistence, you can get leads at a lower cost than the ones you are paying your competitors and build an online community for your company's name while they are merely chasing sales.

Your brand will be established more solidly by this method. You'll be able to sell easily since your customers trust your brand. There's no need for an unhealthy and uninvolved sales culture in your company. If you maintain your customers over three to five years, your audience will be a continuous source of sales and income for you.

I hope this article will change how you view Facebook ads. You are now ready to build your business!