Pre wedding photoshoot - Goa edition

With new trends, couples are craving to have pretty and memorable pre-wedding photoshoots. In this post, we mention the top points for photoshoots in Goa.

Pre wedding photoshoot - Goa edition
Pre wedding photoshoot

If you're couples who have recently been engaged or is planning to marry shortly, a pre-wedding photoshoot likely to be on your list of things to do. The idea of a photoshoot prior to the wedding is a great idea for romantic wedding invitations, "Save the date"s and electronic invitations, and makes the couple feel like they are special. The bride and groom-to-be look similar to their favorite Hero and Heroine of their film. This photo shoot is remarkable and a lot of couples opt to shoot outdoors nowadays.

Goa has been a couples' and photographers' preferred destination for their pre-wedding photos. Actually, couples' photo shoots are now being described as "Photo excursions" because you can go to the location while snapping some of the most memorable memories of your life. Learn more to discover some unique ways for planning an unforgettable photo shoot with your partner in Goa.

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Make a plan for the Pre Wedding photoshoot in Goa in different ways

Beach Photoshoot

Although beach photography isn't unusual, the many beaches of Goa offer photographers the chance to explore. Goa is blessed with clear waters and numerous rocks that are able to climb. The beach shacks and atmosphere at all Goan beaches are special and attract the eye, making them ideal locations for photography. In addition, couples are able to shoot in stunning sunsets on Goan beaches. The top locations for couples to take photos to be found in Goa are:

  • Aguada Fort Beach
  • Agonda Beach
  • Palolem Beach
  • Vagator Beach

Yacht photoshoot

If there was ever any prize awarded to the best wedding photoshoot spot, the yacht would be the winner without a doubt. A yacht on the water and capturing memorable moments are among the most memorable ideas for prewedding photos. A lot of couples charter yachts to enjoy the dream of living in luxury, even for a short period of time, and, most importantly, they get their photos to cherish for the rest of their lives. Goa provides some of the best and most affordable charter yachts as well as a vast range of boats too. In addition to the hourly yacht charter, you'll be able to enjoy breakfast. You can charter the yacht to sunset too, based on your preference. Prices begin at Rs7000 for two hours.

Photoshoot at Fontainhas

Within the Latin quarter of Panjim are a number of beautiful and colorful homes and villas. These lanes have been photographed numerous times and are frequented by numerous tourists. Villas with Portuguese architectural style with bright colors make for lively photographs which is why they are ideal for wedding shoots. The rooftops, balconies, and clean streets make for a relaxing experience for eyes that are tired and lenses. The area is known as Fontainhas and is a great place to have a memorable photographing experience. You should insist on taking a photo shoot in this area if are a fan of this style, and you will not be disappointed by the photos from your photoshoot.

Fort Photoshoot

For couples who love the history and architecture of gorgeous old forts is enjoyable due to the fact that Goa is home to some of the most well-known forts in India. There's something about forts that ring "Romance" on photographs. Some of the most romantic places to shoot couples in forts include:

  • Fort Cabo de Rama
  • Fort Aguada
  • Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel (Fort Terekhol was converted into the hotel)
  • Chapora Fort

Church Photoshoot

For Christian couples, or not beautiful churches in Goa are a great place to take photos. Goa is home to one of the most stunning church buildings in India which is an abomination not to include them in your photoshoot. The majority of Goan design of churches is Portuguese Baroque influenced and are breathtaking to view and even more so when they are photographed. While some of them do not permit photography inside the church photography on the exterior is sure to produce amazing photographs. Some of the places in the church that you can use for your wedding pre-wedding photoshoot in Goa are:

  • Our Lady of Mount Mary, Old Goa
  • Our Lady of Gloria, Varca
  • Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Panjim
  • St. Anne's Church, Agonda

Waterfall Photoshoot

Goa is truly blessed with waterfalls due to its location in the Western Ghats. There are a variety of waterfalls in Goa that are small and big as well as some obscure. Photographing near the waterfall can result in some stunning photos of the natural surroundings. The photos will appear stunning and pleasant. A few locations for waterfalls that work for couples to shoot photos at Goa are:

  • Bamanbudo waterfalls
  • Dudhsagar waterfalls
  • Amboli waterfalls
  • Harvalem Waterfalls
  • Kesarval Spring Verna waterfalls

One thing to be aware of is the fact that during the monsoon,, many waterfalls are flooded. However, waterfalls do not are in full bloom during monsoon. Make sure to plan ahead and discuss your plans with the photographer you choose to use.


There are six distinct ways to plan your wedding pre-wedding photoshoot in Goa. Many photography companies offer the option of shooting at multiple locations for a fee. You can pick any one of these and incorporate the various aspects of Goan locations in your photo shoot to get the most out of your "Big Day".