7 Ways to Add Some Victorian Style to Your Living Room

In modern era Victorian style is a top choice for home decor. Designers suggest these ways to completely change your home from an old to new modern look.

7 Ways to Add Some Victorian Style to Your Living Room
Victorian Style Room

Revamping one's house is one of the most exciting things to do. This is because there is so much room to allow your creative spirit to work in full swing and let its ingenious and uniqueness paint the walls and floors of your comfort space. However, with these fun aspects, one needs to consider the utility of their choices and their long-term benefits. 

When working on your home's renovation project, one needs to bring art and practicality together. And Victorian style is very much famous for it. It gives a classy, vintage look, but they are great in quality, too. The victorian wall tiles in the UK are still one of the most popular choices. They can be installed on any wall of your house to bring out a period appearance of your house. 

Here, we will help you with seven ideas in which you can make your living room furnished with Victorian details and preserve your abode with Victorian Vintage Vibes. 

Be Bold with Your Colour Choice

Victorian style is one whole mood on its own. Therefore, you need to choose solid colors and create an impactful statement. Go for colors that blend well into one another. If you are toning up the shades of walls and the ceiling, try furnishing your living room with furniture of a similar shade but with a lower tone. You have to focus more on creating an illusion. So when you enter, the space does make you feel a different vibe altogether compared to the rest of the corners of your house. 

Note that darker tones like burgundy, ruby red, forest green, navy blue, and deep brown were popular in the early Victorian period, while brighter hues and pastels were popular later. 

Dramatic Wallpapers

If you cannot console your heart with all walls of your living room being tiled with Victorian tiles, you can add drama to your living room by adding Victorian-inspired wallpapers. The available wallpapers are not about how but how victorian you want the wallpaper to be. You can use patterned wallpapers of damask to achieve a lighter version of the Victorian living room. But if you want it to be more Victorian, go for wallpapers with a velvety appearance and flocked with intricate patterns. Here again, be bold to pick up the darker hues. Go for blacks and burgundies.  

Choice of Fabric in the Living Room 

When looking for Victorian design, look for bold colors, patterns, and textures in silk, satin, and velvet fabrics. Velvet could be used for upholstery or curtains. Fabric choices should imply glamour and decadence in some way. Tapestries are also important in the textiles of the home.

Throw Some Colours

Add yellow or red color to an otherwise greyish living room! You can use the cushions of the sofas for this kind of pop-up color. The splashing of these colors adds an element of vividness to the Victorian-inspired living room decorations. They create a statement and become dramatic statements for an otherwise dull monochromatic theme.  

Display your Collection

Ornaments from charity or antique shops and internet auction sites are inexpensive ways to add a touch of Victorian flair. Look for period items such as bell jars, taxidermy, needlepoint pictures, cushion covers, glass vases, mirrors, clocks, and art. Victorians were greedy collectors, and entire shelves were frequently crammed with oddities.

If you have a blank wall erected in the living room, you can use it as a canvas for the whole Victorian Era by fixing paintings on them. You can add pictures and frames of gold and silver for a more effective Victorian check. You might want to consider a mirror with an antique wooden frame to adorn your wall and your living room. 

Do not Forget Furniture Details

The defining point of a Victorian living room would be its furniture. The heavy proportions, dark finish, intricate carving, and ornamentation are the features of Victorian furniture that are influenced by gothic forms. There are exaggerated curves, plush upholstery, and decorative carvings. The chairs have shorter legs, and the tables have marble tops. Now that you have a guide to how Victorian furniture should look, you need to make a stop at the furniture stop and pick up the right one for your living room. 

Consider the Lighting of Your Living Room 

The lighting can play a vital role in bringing out the Victorian vibe of the living room. Go for light fixtures and candles. The dim lighting was a prominent feature of the Victorian Entryways and living rooms. You can incorporate the same lighting today to achieve the desired Victorian look. Do not forget to invest in chandeliers and table lamps with glass shades. 


The last thing we can recommend you have in a Victorian living room is a grand fireplace. It is a big focal point that needs to strike out the most. With all these features in your house, you can enjoy a cup of coffee by a bookshelf close to your Victorian fireplace and pass the vibe check of the Victorian era!