Why does the NBN perform slowly in Australia?

The quality of services has been improved in Australia from few years. But still the internet services by NBP performs slow in Australia.

Why does the NBN perform slowly in Australia?
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Having a slow internet connection is one of the most frustrating things in the world. Although slow internet could be caused by killer clowns, it's still pretty bad. 

Having an unreliable internet connection that you were promised, and might be paying for, is even worse. There are still plenty of reasons for the NBN slowdown, even though the quality of the service in Australia has improved over the last year.

As with all problems, there are also plenty of possible solutions to consider, and in this guide, we provide you with a brief overview of each issue. Slow speeds of the NBN are a complex issue, and for every single situation, our solutions might not prove effective. Nevertheless, there are options available. You may experience a slowdown in NBN speed for one of the following reasons.  we'll cover in this guide: 

Network congestion can happen during peak hours

As with heavy traffic on the road, the NBN can also be slowed down during peak hours. In most cases, the reason is the same. In the evenings, when everyone is surfing, downloading, and streaming, NBN connections tend to slow down. 

While it varies from provider to provider how much your NBN connection slows down at peak times, here is an idea of what you might expect on an NBN plan during peak hours (7 pm-11 pm). Furthermore, if you want to change providers, start with the service provider offering and compare internet plans and internet providers.

Hardware issues are quite common

Although modems are by far the biggest culprits, it is easy to blame your slow Internet on the network. According to the analysis, the most common speed issues originate from;

  1. Modems with out-of-date firmware

  2. Channel interference

  3. Positioning and placement of the modem

You can fix some of these issues pretty easily, even if you don't want to buy a new modem. You should place your modem in a place where you can see it from most rooms in your home, away from major electronic devices like TVs and refrigerators. 

Distance from the node causes the slow speed

You may experience slow internet speed if your home internet is connected to the NBN via fiber cable. In the case of your home and the node, the distance has a significant impact on your network speed. Due to the fact that the NBN signal travels over copper wires from the node to your home, the speed may be reduced.  


You will experience fast speeds if you live close to the node, but you will experience slower speeds if you live farther away. It is, however, possible to solve this problem by going wireless. You might be better off cutting the cord and going wireless if you cannot get a decently fast NBN connection at home. There are usually more data plans and more robust modems with home wireless broadband providers.

Aren't you paying for a slower speed tier?

One of the reasons for slower-than-expected NBN speeds could be the plan you are using. Generally, NBN has four-speed tiers, with bandwidth ranging between 12Mbps and 100Mbps. It is possible to be on a 12Mbps connection if you have a cheaper plan. 

However, switching to the NBN and expecting a big improvement in performance, you'll be disappointed if you sign up for an NBN 12 plan. An easy fix is available if you suspect your NBN plan is the problem. Faster plans are available simply by signing up.

General connection issues

It is easy for small problems to create big problems in networks because they are complicated. An NBN network of this size is especially challenging. Your home's internet speed can be affected by a wide range of factors. 

Because everyone wants to use the fixed wireless NBN at once, it can get extremely congested during peak hours. Modems, faulty wiring, and even the arrangement of your furniture and appliances can cause problems. You can also get information about how to get internet at home in Australia.


NBN speeds are determined by two factors: what you use your internet for and compare internet providers and how many people will use it at any given time. In order for NBN to be effective, you need at least 25Mbps. Maintain an open space away from major electronic devices and ensure your WiFi modem has a large enough range to cover your house for uninterrupted connectivity.