Surprise your sister by sending her personalised gifts and delicious chocolates

If you’re willing to give a perfect surprise gift to your sister, then the following gift ideas can help you choose the best and most affordable gift.

Surprise your sister by sending her personalised gifts and delicious chocolates
Rakhi Gifts
Surprise your sister by sending her personalised gifts and delicious chocolates

If you want to send something to your sister at this festival then this is the perfect website for you. Thanks to the efforts of Oye Gifts, you can send a variety of gifts online. Sending Rakhi gifts for sisters has been made easy by the exclusive options available on this online portal. Let us explore some of the best gift options:

The sweetness of rajbhog along with the freshness of bamboo

this gift is special because it contains both in one combination. Your sister will be excited to receive this box of sweets known as rajbhog from haldirams. It is very delicious and contains the flavour of Kesar and dry fruits. Females love planting and nurturing plants. Sending her a pot of double-layer bamboo plants is a good option. She will be glad to receive this combination.

The Bournville gift

You can surprise your sister by sending her a pack of three Bournville chocolates of different tastes. In addition to this chocolate, a beautiful bouquet of roses is sent. This bouquet is made up of different coloured roses which signify different feelings. Roses express the feeling of sentiments- love, affection, care, and gratefulness. This gift is a way to express love for her.

The basket of surprises

this basket contains many dairy milk chocolate pieces inside. Between the dairy milk chocolates, two small teddy bears in white and red are kept. The teddy bear is very cute and looks beautiful. This gift is perfect to surprise her.

The cushion

you can surprise your sister by sending her this amazing gift available on this website. The cushion is white and it can be customised by the photograph of your choice. You can print the beautiful memory of you and your sister on this cushion. This will bring that incident to mind and a flow of memories will occur. This is an emotional gift from your side.

The gift of celebration

you can send lots of sweets as a surprise to your sister. This gift contains a big box from Cadbury celebrations and a box of Soan papdi from haldiram. The Cadbury celebration is full of chocolates of different varieties. It also contains gems which used to be the love of every student during school time. This is a perfect gift for her.

The coffee mug

you can send her this coffee mug which contains the message-big sister. This coffee mug is in white colour and the message is written in black colour. The coffee mug contains chocolate of dairy milk silk. Along with it, there is a secret gift which is sent. The secret gift is strawberry syrup from Hershey's.

The designer watch

if your sister is a working woman then this is the perfect gift for her. You can send her this designer watch which is made following the modern pattern. The chain is used instead of the leather straps. This watch is gold-plated. Gifting your sister a watch is the best gift you can send.

The gift of cake and a soft toy

you can surprise your sister by sending her a delicious black forest cake and a soft toy that is a teddy bear in pink. This black forest cake is made up of chocolate cream and decorated with cherries and chocolate shavings on the surface. The chocolate cream is spread around the cake and lines of chocolate syrup are drawn vertically all over the cake's side.

The big bouquet

you can send this bouquet which is made up of chocolates and a teddy.  This bouquet is a three-layered bouquet which is decorated with a teddy bear and dairy milk chocolates alternatively. The entire thing is wrapped inside a light brown and cream-coloured sheet of cellophane.

The personalized mug for her-

this is a coffee mug that can be personalized by the photograph which you will provide at the time of placing the order. Nothing can be more beautiful than sending someone a coffee mug with their image on it. You can surprise your sister by customising this coffee mug in her image.

There are multiple options available on the website that can be sent to surprise your sister. Ranging from flowers with chocolates, different combinations are available. Choose the best-suited combination.