The Nation's Leading Fast-Casual Seafood Restaurant

Captain D’s is nation best and the leading fast casual restaurant because of its unique seafood menu and aroma in their dishes make them more valuable.

The Nation's Leading Fast-Casual Seafood Restaurant
Captain D's fish

The nation's leading fast-casual seafood restaurant, Captain D's, announced today the launch of its Lent promotion, which will feature Southern-Style Captain D's fish Tenders and Butterfly Shrimp in a variety of different plates to suit every taste and will be available from now until April 25. The promotion will run from now until April 25.

Captain D's Southern-Style Fish Tenders 

Starting at $5.99*, Captain D's Southern-Style Captain D's fish Tenders feature four pieces of delectable hand-breaded fish, along with a choice of two sides and Captain D's world-famous hush puppies. Guests who order fish and desire shrimp as well have the option of adding six pieces of Butterfly Shrimp to their order as an accompaniment to their Captain D's fish dish.

Captain D's Delicious And Well-Known Crispy Butterfly Shrimp 

In addition, as part of this new campaign, Captain D's is drawing attention to its delicious and well-known crispy Butterfly Shrimp. In addition to the Captain D's fish Tenders and Butterfly Shrimp combination plate, guests can also get their shrimp fix with Captain D's 12-piece 

Butterfly Shrimp meal and the limited-time Ultimate Seafood Platter, which includes two pieces of Captain D's famous batter-dipped fish, popcorn shrimp, six pieces of butterfly shrimp, and two seafood stuffed crab shells. Both of these options are available for a limited time only.

Prices For The Two Dinners

Prices for the two dinners start at $6.29* and $8.99*, respectively, and both include hush puppies and the diners' choice of two sides. In conclusion, Captain D's fish will conclude its special Lent campaign by providing its well-known Creole-style Seafood Gumbo with shrimp, chicken, sausage, and okra, in addition to its much-beloved Funnel Cake Stix, which will be available for purchase.

Vice President Of National Marketing At Captain D's 

Vice President of National Marketing at Captain D's. "When deciding on a meal that focuses on Lent, it's important to avoid eating meat," Menon continued.. During this season of Lent, we are thrilled to be able to provide our guests with the seafood classics that they have been hankering for, in addition to our Seafood Gumbo and Funnel Cake Stix, both of which are delectable ways that they can add on to Captain D's fish.

More Than 530 Captain D's Restaurants 

Starting price points for Captain D's restaurants that are owned by the corporation. Prices could be different at franchised establishments. More than 530 Captain D's restaurants may be found in 23 states, with the company's headquarters located in Nashville, Tennessee. The American Restaurant Guide (AUV) placed Captain D's fish as the number one seafood chain in the QSR 50, making it the most successful fast-casual seafood restaurant in the United States.

Since its establishment in 1969, Captain D's has provided patrons with the opportunity to purchase delicious fish at costs that are within their budgets, all while enjoying the company of friendly staff members. 

Large Selection Of Seafood Available At Captain D's 

There is a large selection of seafood available at Captain D's fish , including dishes that have been just produced and the distinctive batter-dipped fish of the firm. In addition, the restaurants serve hush puppies, pastries, and freshly brewed sweet tea made in the Southern style, which is a particular favorite of Captain D's. Other grilled delicacies available at the restaurants include shrimp, tilapia, and salmon. For further information

The All-New, Bold And Spicy Batter-Dipped Fish From Captain D Is Now Available

the All-New, Bold and Spicy Batter-Dipped Captain D's fish Is Now Available. According to Bindi Menon, Chief Marketing Officer at Captain D's, "for the very first time ever, we have produced an all-new flavor profile for our famed Batter Dipped Fish; it's our same famous batter, only spicier." "This daring new flavor is the perfect addition to our main product for visitors who are searching for a seafood dish that has a kick to it,"

Two-Piece Spicy Fish Meal 

In addition to the two-piece Spicy Fish Meal, the highlighted product is the Spicy Fish & Butterfly Shrimp Meal, which includes one piece of Spicy Batter Dipped Fish and six Butterfly Shrimp. This dish brings heat as the featured product. Both of the meals are served with two home-style sides and Captain D's world-famous hush puppies for a starting price of $5.99 on captain d's coupons.

This meal comes with your choice of a side dish and a refreshing beverage, and it is ideal for those who are in a hurry but still want a sandwich that packs a large punch in terms of taste and flavor.

The Ultimate Seafood Platter With Spicy Batter-Dipped Fish 

The Ultimate Seafood Platter with Spicy Batter Dipped Fish was developed especially for those individuals who have an insatiable appetite for variety and desire to sample a little bit of everything. This platter features two pieces of the newly introduced Spicy Batter Dipped Fish,

as well as six Butterfly Shrimp, two Stuffed Crabs, Popcorn Shrimp, as well as two sides and two Hush Puppies. A brand new advertising campaign has also been developed by Captain D's to showcase the restaurant chain's daring and tasty new take on spicy fish.

The Never-Before-Revealed Reality Behind Captain D's

Given that Captain D's fish has more than 500 locations spread out throughout more than 20 states, it's highly probable that you've been to one of their restaurants at some point in your life. Although it was established in 1969, this quick-service restaurant company with a focus on seafood is still expanding at a rapid clip across the United States.

Captain D's Made An Announcement 

In the year 2020, Captain D's made the announcement that QSR Magazine had ranked their brand as the best seafood franchise restaurant for the year. The ranking was based on the company's estimated 562 million dollars in system-wide sales and 1.5 million dollars in annual unit volume.

which placed it in a position of dominance over other large seafood quick-service restaurants such as Long John Silver's. In addition to being recognized by QSR Magazine as the best fast-casual seafood franchise in the country, Captain D's was also included on the publication's list of the Top 15 Fast Food.

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