What Are Various Methods To Compare Fractions?

In Math, improper, proper, and mixed are the type of fractions. And if you want to compare them, the following methods can help you compare fractions.

What Are Various Methods To Compare Fractions?
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In mathematics, the fraction is of three types proper, improper and mixed fraction. We call a function a fraction if there is a numerator and denominator, the upper values of the fraction are the numerators and the lower values are the denominator. The fraction calculator online can make the decision, multiplication, and subtraction easy and understandable for us. You may learn the various types of fractions by calculator-online.net.The proper fractions are fraction where the numerator is less than the denominator, like ⅓,⅔,2/7.

 In the improper fraction, the numerator is greater or equal to the denominator and its examples are 4/3, 11/4, and 5/5. A mixed number is a fraction where a whole number is written along with a fraction, representing a quotient and the divisor like 5(⅘),3(⅔),6(⅘). The multiplying and dividing fractions calculator makes it easy to find the quotient and divisor of the mixed fraction. 

We are going to learn Various Methods To Compare Fractions:

Various Methods To Compare Fractions:

There are two main types of fraction comparing methods and we are going to describe them:

1:The decimal method of comparing fractions:

Convert each fraction into a decimal and then compares it. For example, we want to compare the fractions ⅜, 5/12, then by using the fraction calculator online, we can find the decimal values of both the fractions and which are ⅜=0.375 and 5/12=0.4166…Both fraction is then compared to their decimal values. Now the declining value of 0.4166 is larger than 0.375. So by using the fraction calculator online. We concluded the fraction 5/12 is larger than the fraction ⅜. The decimal method of comparing fractions is widely used in comparing fractions.

2:The same denominator method:

When both the fractions are of the same denominator then the fractions are easy to compare. For example when the fraction 4/9, and 5/9 are compared then both the fractions. Now by comparing the fraction we learn to know the fraction 5/9 is larger than the 4/9. Now we simply see the numerator, if the numerator of one fraction is larger than the fraction having the larger numerator is considered to be at the larger fraction. The fraction calculator can be utilized to make the denominator of the fraction equal to each other by the same denominator method.

The method of making the same denominator:

We can make the same denominator by the simple method for example if there are two fractions ⅜ and 4/12 then we can multiply the first fraction by 3. The second fraction is multiplied by 2. Remember we need to multiply both the numerator and denominator by the same number.

Now :

 ⅜ *(3/3)=9/24


Now when comparing the booth the fraction 9/24> 8/24. The main reason behind this is that the fraction 9/24 has larger numerator values as compared to 8/24. This means that 9/24 is a larger fraction than 8/24 when we are comparing both fractions by the fraction calculator.


The fraction calculator online can be one of the great aiding tools for students to learn how to solve fractions and compare the fractions. This can be quite resonating for the students to learn the calculations just by solving the procedure by the online tools. Students are simply able to find the multiple of a fraction by the multiple fraction calculator. The addition of the fraction can be resonated to find by the adding fractions calculator. The fraction division is the most difficult part and the dividing fractions calculator can make it clear for us.