5 Best Software For Real Estate Investors 2023

The software can help you in managing your real estate business and can save you time. These are the top software a real estate investor should download.

5 Best Software For Real Estate Investors 2023
Best Software For Real Estate

Running a Real Estate business without software is a big madness because software can decrease the time spent. The objectives that take hours can be completed in minutes because of the applications available in the market. Using software can provide the comfort that every Real Estate investor demands.

Many applications are available to download and use, but which software fulfills your need? You can download any software, but it’s useless if you don’t know the features and process of using it. It would help if you learned how to use the software before downloading it from any website. But if you are completely new to this field and don’t know which software is best for a Real Estate investor, this article is for you. 

We’ll list down the 5 Best Software For Real Estate Investors. These applications will complete your work on time. Working on these applications is also very easy. You don't need years of experience to use them. 

5 Best Software For Real Estate Investors

So here is the list of the 5 Best Software For Real Estate Investors. Using these applications can save your time and money.

1. Mashvisor

2. Stessa

3. Lert Skip Tracing

4. Spark Rental

5. Deal Machine

You don't need any other Real Estate software when you have these applications installed on your Laptop or PC. These 5 applications are the most acceptable for every type of Real Estate investor. You'll find out their real potential when we dig into its review.


The first software that needs to be on every investor's laptop is Mashvisor. This software stands best in the crowd because of its extraordinary features. Mashvisor is not a single tool but carries several other tools inside. You can find property finder, property comparison, real estate calculator, lead qualification tool and several other things are available to view. These tools are commonly used by investors, brokers and real estate agents. Mashvisor saves your time by compiling everything in one place.  

The best part about this application is its Artificial Intelligence power. This software automatically generates things for investors, brokers, and real estate agents. The customer support provided by Mashvisor is outstanding. If you don't know the process of using the tool you want, you can contact Mashvisor's support team.

When we see the compiled results, we get high accuracy. We have read the reviews of many investors, and everyone says that Mashvisor's data accuracy is higher than other software. So using this software is good because of its high data accuracy.


If running a Rental Properties business is your priority, then Stessa is our suggestion. Stessa is the best software for investors who invest money in rental properties. You get accurate data on profitable rental property through Stessa.

You can spot the best rental targets, and Stessa will automatically report the expected spending and revenue. Using Stessa is easy because you only have to insert the property location and link your accounts. Stessa's calculator will automatically display everything on the dashboard of your account. From there, you can calculate the profit by seeing the metrics provided by Stessa.

Stessa also gives paid subscriptions, and a mortgage financing feature is available in its premium subscription. If mortgage financing is included in your investment, then purchasing Stessa's premium subscription is recommended because it provides accurate data and information related to mortgage financing.

Lert Skip Tracing

Real Estate investors can't live without wholesale properties. And finding the best wholesale targets is convenient through Skip Tracing. Lert Skip Tracing is the best tool for managing the list of the best wholesale properties and his owner's current address. Skip Tracing is the process of finding someone's contact information.

There are endless distressed and foreclosure properties within the US, and investors are trying to pitch their owners. That pitch becomes easier when you rely on Skip Tracers because they have access to them. Skip Tracers have endless records of everyone's current address. You can benefit from them if making money from wholesale houses is your target.

Lert Skip Tracing provides accurate data to the investors. Now it depends on the investor how well he can satisfy that seller. The investor can make good money when he satisfies that seller. If any investor cannot satisfy the seller, it's not a problem because Lert Skip Tracing provides endless sellers to pitch.

Spark Rental

Spark Rental displays the best targets where tenants are looking for renting apartments and rooms. It is somehow intact with Stessa, but Stessa provides the data, whereas Spark Rental can help you provide updates to your renters.

Suppose you are a landlord and have to collect money from your renters. Spark Rental automatically manages the messages or schedules calls on the date when you have to collect money. This saves time because sometimes landlords forget to collect money when they are busy, but Spark Rental automatically schedules the messages to your renters.

If you are busy with your work and forgot to collect money, leave everything on Spark Rental because it automatically delivers the scheduled message. The collection becomes easier through Spark Rental because of its effective outreach to the renters.

Spark Rental also helps you advertise your property and make more money. Suppose you have a house available for rent and can't find any renter, then list your property on Spark Rental. Spark Rental will help you find the renter by advertising your property on its main website. If anyone is looking to rent a property, he will sign a contract, and Spark Rental will get the entire credit.

Deal Machine

Deal Machine is the last software best for real estate investors. If you want to expand your investment in unknown places, don't do this without taking permission from Deal Machine. Deal Machine manages the outer areas. If you live in California and you want to invest money in Dallas, then Deal Machine provides the best targets in Dallas. 

It gives complete information on the best assets. Deal Machine works like a Skip Tracer, but its communication method is through apps. When photographing a distressed property, you need to submit that picture in Deal Machine's app. Deal Machine's database will automatically compile the whole information related to that property. You'll get to know the buying date, the owner's name, and everything included in one place. That's how beneficial this Deal Machine is.

Final Words

So these were the 5 Best Software For Real Estate Investors. These applications can help you find the best rental, distressed, foreclosure, and short-term properties. You will never have to install any other software when you have these on your smartphone. If you have some questions related to these applications, drop a comment to know our views. Till that, take care and happy investing!