A Guide to Moving to Kamloops BC

Kamloops is a beautiful Canadian city situated in British Columbus. Contemporary living & natural beauty are combined in Kamloops.

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A Guide to Moving to Kamloops BC
Kamloops British Columbia

A city with such a beautiful setting is Kamloops, British Columbia. Foundational in its development was Thompson Rivers University, the city's top educational institution. With over 3,500 international students studying law, journalism, and the liberal arts at this university, it is an outstanding institution for law, journalism, and liberal arts.

The local economy is supported by these students since they rent homes, purchase automobiles, and shop at nearby stores. Shortly, if you intend to move to British Columbia, Kamloops on a study permit, you should become familiar with the city in advance. To help, we've compiled a list of the top 10 things you should know before coming to Kamloops, British Columbia.

1. Feels like a town

Kamloops' metro area has more than 100,000 residents, making it essentially a metropolis. If you live in a large metropolis in a foreign country, Kamloops can seem like a small town to you.

Due to the fact that residents in various town-like communities frequently become familiar with each other, it's normal to run into familiar faces when wandering the streets. Many people find this to be an appealing trait of the city, which enhances its charm.

2. There is a lot of area for outdoor activities

Because of British Columbia's varied landscape, Kamloops is a great place to go for outdoor activities. The city has many routes for mountain biking and shooting ranges where you can hone your skills. A ski resort with a reputation for excellence is Sun Peaks Resort, which is north of the city.

3. Finding affordable housing is a challenge

Newcomers can find it challenging to find a suitable home for rent or purchase in Kamloops because of the high demand for real estate.

It's important to know that most apartments in Kamloops' downtown areas may be very expensive if you're a student moving there. Accommodations that are more reasonably priced can be found in various areas of the city. Such apartments are generally located far from the more developed areas of Kamloops. Contacting a realtor or real estate agent is a must if you want to find a suitable home before moving to Kamloops.

4. Extreme weather conditions

In Kamloops, you can experience each of Canada's four seasons. It is a semi-arid desert because it is in a rain shadow. It is therefore possible for both the Summers and the Winters to be extremely warm.

There is usually less than 6 inches of snow in the valley areas of Kamloops each year. It can be extreme for immigrants from nations with warmer climates to experience 48 to 96 inches of snow every year in mountainous areas. In other words, if you live somewhere where snow accumulates a lot, you'll have to prepare yourself to deal with it.

5. The wildfires

Several locations in British Columbia experience wildfires each year. Others are brought on by lightning, while some are caused by people.

The people of Kamloops have developed coping mechanisms because there is no way to prevent these wildfires from happening. The good news is that these wildfires rarely cause direct danger to people. The drawback is that each year, the smoke from these wildfires can produce a thick smog that obscures the sky for several days or weeks.

6. The crime rate in urban areas

As a result of its population and location, Kamloops has a high crime rate when compared to other areas of British Columbia. Citizens are generally safe moving about the city since most of the offenses are minor.

In this city's downtown North Shore and South Shore neighborhoods, crimes predominate. Nevertheless, a crime like auto theft can affect people living in the suburbs. The reason for this is that Kamloops residents often conceal valuables on their properties, including their vehicles.

7. Economic diversity

It was already mentioned that Thompson Rivers University is the main economic driver of Kamloops. Mining for copper and molybdenum accounts for a sizable percentage of the city's GDP. Approximately 400 mining suppliers operate in Kamloops, so it is predictable that the mining industry employs a considerable number of residents.

Aside from forestry and agriculture, Kamloops is also known for its agriculture. There are many industries offering employment opportunities in the area, which indicates that there are many employment opportunities available.

8. Layout of the City

As a result of the division of the city's metropolitan core into two separate zones, Kamloops is characterized by its unique configuration. South Shore is the location of the main downtown areas. The malls, restaurants, and movie theatres in this area of the city make it an ideal place for shopping and entertainment.

In the North Shore area, large lots and flatter terrain are available. This part of the city's downtown has experienced some modest development. If you plan to live on the North Shore, you may not be satisfied with the available shopping options.

9. Taxes that are too high

In case you are planning to relocate to Canada from another country, you are probably already aware of the high sales taxes. Most products do not include these taxes in their advertised prices. You should verify with the seller that any taxes have been included before making a purchase.

A 5% Goods and Services Sales Tax is additionally charged in British Columbia in addition to the 7% Provincial Sales Tax. A final price of 12% above the retailer's stated price is the result when these taxes are added together. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario have higher tax rates than this province. Taxes must still be paid when you shop.

10. Immigration Agencies are Limited

In Kamloops, British Columbia, there are few immigration experts, so your choices may seem limited if you're looking at multiple agencies. Although all of these immigration advisors are licensed to offer services in Kamloops.

After studying immigration law for many years, these immigration consultants are qualified to provide immigration consulting services in Canada. As a result of their familiarity with the British Columbia PNP program, they can provide you with advice on the best course of action.


Moving to Canada can be both stressful and exciting. Canada’s every territory operates its PNP. Moving to Canada through Provincial Nominee Program is an option for individuals who wish to relocate. A guide like this one provides readers with a general understanding of life in Kamloops. In Kamloops, you'll find a wide variety of outdoor activities, good schools, and lots to keep you entertained.