Everything To Know about the Cruise of Mandovi River

The Mandovi River Cruise is known as one of the earliest rivers in Goa. This Guide can give you brief information about its heritage structure.

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Everything To Know about the Cruise of Mandovi River
Mandovi River

The Mandovi River Mandovi is considered to be one of the primary rivers in Goa. It is the lifeline of the state, and it is also a major channel for transportation. The river's journey can provide a glimpse of all the different features that make up Goa's Goan landscape. Streets that are bustling, towns that are empty as well as heritage structures, and the always-dazzling Ghats attract the eye from the banks of rivers. This view gets more peaceful when the sun sets on the Arabian sea, creating romantic sunsets with shimmering rivers along both sides.

This blog will you can read about the world-famous Goan Mandovi River Cruise.

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Everything You Need to Know Mandovi River Cruise

People who wish to discover Goa's Mandovi River Cruise Goa beyond the beaches and see its historic and cultural attractions should take it on the Mandovi River Cruise. The cruise lets you take a look at Goa through the eyes of an old river. There are a variety of options available to travel along the Mandovi. In the end, Goa is a tourism center, but the two primary routes that are followed by Mandovi River cruises include:

1. Down by Mandovi to Zuari Bay

These cruises depart from inside the city and move towards the beaches that are more popular and out to the bay. It's a stunning moment to watch the Mandovi merging into the ocean.

2. From the river up to Aldona

The cruises depart from the jetty and then move further inland, usually towards Aldona close to Bom Jesus Church, Nachinola. It also takes you to a mineral spring.

From both sides of the river, one will be able to see beautiful views of Goa by cruise. There are a few cruises that don't necessarily follow specific directions. A few of the most well-known cruises are listed below:

Carnival Cruise:

This is easily the most popular cruise choice since it's quicker and more enjoyable. If you'd like to be entertained, shut your eyes and go for the cruise offered by River Carnival starts from Atal Sethu in Panjim. Cruises of this kind are vessels of the catamaran variety that can accommodate 100 to 500 passengers, and the cost per person is not too high.

The cruise is usually started with the sunset and then a brief excursion at sea from your boat(s). After the sun goes down the cruise will show an exciting program, where there will be live dancing including local Goan dance as well as a Portuguese-Goan dance. There will be a meal as well as a post-dinner party in the disco room on the vessel itself. This cruise is a great instance of the glitzy nightlife in Goa.

Luxury and private:

If you're seeking an intimate and intimate affair along the Mandovi river, and you have the funds, you should consider private yachts. There are a variety of options, including yachts, shikaras, and smaller catamarans.

Champagne Breakfast cruise

For the breakfast cruise, you'll typically charter the yacht for an hourly rate. The cruise begins at 6 am, and the last cruise will be at 9am. There's food, music, and the perfect ambiance on the boats. They are ideal to celebrate your anniversary or for photos of your wedding day. It is possible to organize your wedding on the boat for the ultimate experience.


It's not just Kashmir or Kerala There are gorgeous Shikara vessels in Goa too. You can pick from plans like candlelight dinners and sunset cruises or a crocodile cruise, as well as the possibility of a night and day cruise on the chakras.

Party and Casino Boats:

If you're in Goa it's almost impossible to overlook the appearance of a couple of cruise ships that lie on the banks of the Mandovi river. These are huge cruise ships docked on the river and serve only one function: entertainment. These gorgeous-looking vessels are casino homes since gambling is legal in Goa. It is for this fact that a lot of visitors flock to these yachts. Try your luck on one of the well-known boats like Deltin Royale, Deltin Jacq, or Majestic Paradise. The cost of entry usually starts at around Rs2000.

Mandovi River Cruise Price:

It is the Mandovi River Cruise Prices start at Rs500 and increase depending on what type of vessel you choose and/or package you select.

Larger boats: For Catamarans that have a capacity of 100-400 persons the prices will be between 400 and 500.

Yachts: Yachts are booked on an hourly basis, and costs for different kinds of sailings can be found as the following:

Brunch cruise 2300 for an hour

Boat for parties: 16,000 dollars per hour

Dining Cruise: 2000 dollars for 2 hours

Phoenix Yacht: 12000 per hour

Serenity Yacht: 15000 USD per hour

What can you expect to see:

  • During peak season or rush hour when traffic is high, you could be faced with long lines.
  • Chartering yacht charters should be booked early enough for high season is highly recommended.
  • Music on boats is loud.