The Top 16 Things to Do in North Goa in 2023

There are many things that you can do in North Goa in 2023 including scuba diving, observing Dolphin swimming, enjoying seafood, and elephant ride

The Top 16 Things to Do in North Goa in 2023
The Top 16 Things to Do in North Goa in 2023

If you want to relax at the beach shacks, you can enjoy several drinks and take in stunning views. These are the top activities to enjoy within North Goa.

Traveling to Chapora Fort

Visiting Chapora Fort: North Goa Attractions

The Chapora fort, which dates back to the 1700s, stands tall as a reminder of the Goan past, beginning with the film's famed sequence. Chapora Fort, which is enclosed by walls of high height is located between Vagator Beach, the Chapora River, and of course the vast, crystal transparent ocean.

A visit to Vagator Beach is a great way to observe dolphins

Vagator Beach Dolphin Watching: North Goa Attractions

Each of the Big Vagator and the Little Vagator is stunningly beautiful as well as other features. The shacks on the beach of Vagator are the perfect place to relax on the beach and observe dolphins swimming throughout India as they're in stunning blue water.

Practice Scuba Diving

Divers: North Goa Attractions

One of the top activities to enjoy during your time in North Goa is scuba diving and it's not just because it sounds thrilling and relaxing. But, Goa is also well-known for its variety of marine species that reside in its waters. It is among the top three places in India for diving Goa has a great record in this field.

Banana boat rides on banana boats

Banana Boat Rides: Top Activities in Goa

The most well-known things to do that are popular in Goa include the Banana Boat cruises. Six people could fit into the banana-shaped boats that are launched into the sea for a thrilling 15 minutes. A healthy, nutritious banana ride involves being to be tossed by the waves and then starting over.

Mountain climbing at Dudhsagar Falls

Trekking in Goa at Dudhsagar Falls

Being one of the highest waterfalls in India It is no wonder that the Dudhsagar Falls trip quickly rose to the top of the list of top tours in Goa. The views are to die for and it is located amid green hills.

Scuba diving

Activities for adventure that can be found in North Goa include snorkeling.

The most thrilling activity available in Goa is a snorkeling trip that lasts approximately 4-5 hours before relaxing on the beach. Many of Goa's famous beaches offer snorkeling excursions to allow visitors to arrange their excursions by their needs.

Experience the thrill of Kayaking Adventure

Activities offered in North Goa include kayaking.

One of the safest beaches that can be enjoyed in Goa is the kayak. The beauty of the Goan landscapes and the freedom to travel at your own pace are top of our list. It's a nice feeling to be paddling a kayak and unwinding in the sea, doesn't it?

Get the tattoo

Things to Do in North Goa: Get a Tattoo

The beaches of Goa are very bohemian in style to them. Getting braids or tattoos at the beach isn't uncommon. One of the things you can do with your friends during your time in Goa is to have a tattoo, whether it's temporary or permanent (if you're feeling daring). The tattoo will be removed within a couple of days, so you won't be regretting it.

Visiting spice farms

Goa Spice Plantations Tour

Goa is an important place in terms of its culture especially in relation in terms of food items and spices. It's impossible not to remember the exquisite food options that tourists to Goa enjoy thanks to the lavish spice farms in the region.

Unwind at Arvalem Falls

In Arvalem Waterfalls in Goa, unwind.

Arvalem Waterfalls is a stunning place and one of Goa's hidden-away spots. The waterfall drops down from a high point which creates the appearance of a pool or lake in the middle. The location is beautiful and tranquil for visitors.

Visit the Reis Magos Fort.

Go to Reis Magos Fort, one of the tourist attractions located in North Goa.

It is the Reis Magos Fort, perched on the top of a hill it has been used in the past as a jail, and hospital. Due to its important importance as a surviving piece in Goan history for over 500 years, the defunct fort has witnessed a variety of historic occasions.

Try paragliding

You can try parasailing in Goa.

Explore Goa's green and lush valleys. The view from the bird's eye of turquoise lakes and brown sands as you enjoy the refreshing breeze. A sought-after option that can be found in Goa is parasailing, where sailors are lowered in the air and have no control over their movements, and parachutes are attached to boats up to 300 feet or more.

Ride a Jet Ski

Activities for adventure within North Goa: Jet Ski Ride

A trip on a jet ski along the beach of North Goa is among the most enjoyable things to do in the area. You'll feel like an actor when you ride your water scooter across the ocean and your hair blows with the wind.

Mandovi River Cruise

Cruise around - Activities in South Goa

The most enjoyable cruise on Boat Cruises offers enjoyable evening sailings at sunset. One of the top activities to enjoy in North Goa is sailing on the Mandovi River while taking in the breathtaking landscape of Panjim.

Travel to Aguada Fort

Visit Aguada Fort: Activities in North Goa

With its stunning expanse of the endlessly blue sea before it, Aguada is one of the most famous tourist spots in Goa. It is a popular destination for tourists all year round since it is a popular tourist spot and is a symbol of the magnificence of The Portuguese empire.

Bom Jesus Basilica

Goa's Bom Jesus Basilica

Anyone who is a fervent traveler or fan is familiar with this name: Basilica from Bom Jesus. A part of Goa's UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the church, which was built in Portuguese style. Portuguese style and is to more than 400 years ago.