Techpally allude getting Target groups on Instagram

Target groups on Instagram is an interesting way to reach more audience. How to handle and why these target groups are important for advertisements.

Techpally allude getting Target groups on Instagram

Maybe you are in the process of developing a marketing strategy to market a new product? Are you toying with the idea of using Instagram as a sales platform and don't yet know what to consider when defining your Instagram target group? Then read on! In the first section, we have summarized the most important facts for you as to why Instagram is a useful advertising platform.

Then we will explain to you what the target group means in connection with Instagram and which people are generally on the platform. Last but not least, we will show you how to find the perfect Instagram target group and how to reach them individually and personally using various measures on Instagram!


So that you can find the right target group on Instagram, the first question to be asked is which group of people is primarily active on the platform. We have summarized the most important facts:

  • The average age of users in Germany is between 25 and 34 years
  • The distribution between men and women is roughly balanced
  • Most people who obtain information about images and video

Overall, there is a young community that obtains information via fast-moving media such as pictures and videos.

So if you advertise products via Instagram, you should always rely on creatively prepared image material. Appealingly designed pictures and videos are a must, says chaktty.


According to Wikipedia, A target group is a defined group of people in which all people have similar or the same characteristics. These can be demographic characteristics such as age, gender or place of residence, but also, for example, psychographic criteria such as needs, hobbies or values. Instagram users who have their own accounts are part of the Instagram target group. For you, this means that theoretically, all users can also be potential candidates for your target group.


There is an analysis tool on Instagram that helps you to find out the characteristics of your Instagram target group. The insights can be viewed by all users of a business account. You can view statistics and information about achieved ranges and user characteristics via profile, individual posts or stories. There are different ways you can view the most important insights, says businesspally. By clicking on the insights in the menu bar, you first get an overview of the number of accounts and content interactions reached compared to the last seven days:

Green areas show positive development, and red areas indicate a downward trend. The "Target group" tab gives you socio-demographic characteristics such as age, gender, place of residence or the growth rate of the followers. The Instagram target group can thus be better narrowed down and found. With the help of the activity times, you can see which days of the week and times your subscribers are most active.

This can help you adapt posts and stories to the activity times of the followers and thus generate more reach. On the "Accounts Reached" tab, you will receive more detailed information on the reach achieved, such as the course of your impressions, the posts with the greatest reach, or the number of profile views.  You can also view the individual insights directly in the feed. The tab for this is located directly under the post.

It gives you information on how often the post was commented on, saved, liked, or shared. Use Instagram story viewer to watch Instagram stories. You can also see information about reach, impressions, or the key figure of people who have switched to the next story. So you can determine whether the content created is relevant to your Instagram target group or not.

Tip: Save the story as a highlight, then you can track the statistics over a longer period of time and are not tied to the 24 hours.