Effective methods to post 3 pictures in succession on Instagram

Everyone loves to design his Instagram feeds. The best and far most effective methods to publish your three pictures as one larger and more attractive.

Effective methods to post 3 pictures in succession on Instagram
Post in Succession on Insta
Effective methods to post 3 pictures in succession on Instagram

You've seen the perfectly designed Instagram feeds with three photos in a row that form one larger image. Have you ever wondered how you could recreate that look on your Instagram account?

You may want a collegiate effect or row theme for Instagram. Maybe you want your photos to look better together! So you can buy Instagram followers UK. It will also have a huge impact on your account. This can help you more.

We'll cover the basics of Instagram with a row-by-row tutorial!

We give you the complete play-by-play:

·         Tailwind allows you to create and plan an Instagram grid row-by-row using the Tailwind app.

·         How to upload 3 photos together on Instagram

·         Here are some tips and tricks to keep your Instagram theme clean

Ready? Let's get started!

Step 1: Prepare Your Three Instagram Pictures

You'll first need to brainstorm about what you want to create.

Do you want to make this a regular strategy on your entire Instagram feed? Is this an occasion on Instagram with three photos in succession promoting a new product?

Once you have your plan in place, it's time to decide what content to post. Are you able to choose from 3 or 6, 9, or 12 images that you wish to share together?

Or, do you want to divide your photos into 1:1 squares so that they form a huge square on your Instagram feed?

How can you divide a photo into three equal parts on Instagram?

Splitting your photo will require you to use a tool that divides it into equal parts.

Related: 4 Top Instagram Photo Splitting Tools

Upload your photo to the tool. We used picSplit but there are many free Instagram splitters! Select the number of sections you wish it to be divided into and then click Save.

The tool will then crop the image and format it into multiple images that you can upload directly to Instagram. Or, save even more time by scheduling it ahead of schedule with an Instagram planning tool like Tailwind!

You can crop your photos before you take them so that the main focus is on the best part.

Step 2: Upload your split images to Tailwind's Instagram Grid Planner

It's now time to upload your split photos to your Tailwind grid organizer!

It's super easy to upload every photo exactly where you want them with the grid planner. To add a photo, simply click on the slot you want! You can also add multiple photos to your drafts to speed up the process of organizing your feed.

Step 3: Schedule, Arrange and Post Your Instagram Photos in Threes

You'll be so glad that Tailwind for Instagram is here.

You can preview every post on Instagram before you click share. However, you won't be able to see how it compares with other posts until it's there.

Tailwind allows you to preview your posts and plan your Instagram account to achieve the perfect look. Drag and drop your posts around to make them moveable, then lock them in place once you are happy with your 9-grid.

Drag and drop your images to your grid planner to alter the day they will be published. Our Smart Scheduling makes it easy to optimize the posting times for your audience.

Tips for a Clean Row-by–Row Instagram Theme

After you have divided your images, it's important to keep your Instagram profile clean and tidy as you reveal your new theme.

Follow the link to find Tailwind's top tips for helping you achieve this goal.

1. Find out How Many Times to Post Your 3 Photos on Instagram

It's up to you to decide whether to post your photos in a staggered fashion or all at once.

Three pictures in a row on separate days

Staggering your posts can cause your feed to look sloppy.

Images of "three posts in one row" will be divided into multiple rows.

This can also mean that your message may not be understood before the other parts are posted, which can cause confusion.

This method should be chosen carefully. As the theme emerges, you may create anticipation. It may have a less positive effect on all three posts.

Posting three pictures once

You run the risk that you will spam your audience with three identical images at once if you post all three images simultaneously.

This method however does guarantee that your Instagram feed theme is complete and cohesive whenever someone views your profile page.

Consider these things when making this decision:

·         It is not clear if the images can be understood as a whole or can they stand alone.

·         You want to achieve the overall effect with the three-post method.

·         You can decide whether you want to continue this method or not (sudden modifications to your Instagram theme could disrupt your grid.

2. Use high-resolution photos

You should ensure that you have high-quality images and photos to start this project, especially if using photo splitting tools.

Sometimes, cropping photos into threes can mean that some parts of the image are zoomed in. This can cause low-quality images to blurred, distorted, or pixelated.

Even if you don't use photo splitting, it is likely that your images will be zoomed in more than normal posts.

Everyone is happier when they use high-quality images. Refer to the Instagram image sizes guide for more information.

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3. Carousel Posts can be used to include 3 pictures in one post

You might have trouble posting 3 photos in a row on Instagram or you want to show details that aren't obvious in the profile feed. Consider using an Instagram carousel photo.

Instead of scheduling each part of your split image individually, make it a seamless carousel that your followers will enjoy.

Tailwind now allows you to schedule and publish Instagram carousels!

Tailwind App allows you to schedule your Instagram 3 pictures in a row online

Tailwind can help you save time and make your social media tasks easier.

Uploading multiple photos to Instagram is easy with Visual Planning and Smart Scheduling.

If you haven’t started your Tailwind for Instagram trial, do it now!


Do I need to post 3 photos on Instagram?

Insta photo splits into threes are a popular way to balance the existing ratios. If you don't do it creatively, breaking the rule of threes can result in an aesthetic imbalance in a profile.

However, Instagram split photos are primarily used to create an engaging Instagram profile. This means that the user experience doesn't translate into each post appearing on your followers' Instagram feeds after it's live.

When a static post is posted, it only displays a small portion of the image with no context. Splitting Instagram images can confuse users and cause them to scroll down. Split images can result in fewer engagements for your posts and your overall Instagram account.

This is something to keep in mind as you consider whether these posts are compatible with your Instagram feed's purpose and how important engagement is for your brand or profile.

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How do you split an Instagram photo into a swipe-able panoramic?

Instagram's swipe-able panorama images allow you to split a panoramic photo into multiple images. Users can then swipe to see the entire panorama on a static Instagram post.

Instagram photo splits don't work with swipe-able panoramas. Instead, the series of split images are posted in one static post within a carousel. Instagram photo splits are each posted as separate static posts.

Similar to the Instagram splitter tool, there are tools that can create Panoramic images for Instagram. Panoramic images can also be split with the free tools previously mentioned for Instagram image splitting.

You can use Instagram photo splitfingers to create panoramic carousel photos by using Photoshop. First, crop your panoramic image to a ratio of 3,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels. You can then use any photo-splitting tool by specifying the number of columns and rows you wish.

A panoramic image splitter tool is a great way to convert a photo into an Instagram-friendly panorama. These are some free tools to help you split a panoramic photo for Instagram.

Bangor. Available for iOS.

Panfry Insta Panorama. Available for Android.

Pandora. Available for iOS.

Unsquared. Available for iOS and Android.

Panels. Now Available on iOS. The current price is $1.99

Pandora Split. Available for Android.

Panorama Split for Instagram for PC. Available for Windows and Mac desktops.